Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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Poetry and Filk Music

Iris and Desmond
by Ron Larson

Cow Skull
by Jean Jones

Evolution #2
by Richard Tornello

Long Journey
by Denny E. Marshall

by Richard Tornello

Polar Mirage
by Denny E. Marshall

Why People Believe
by Jean Jones

The Best Poetry of Aphelion - the First Twenty Years
The Best of 2003-2004

When We Go
by Larissa March

The Chosen
by Teri Wachowiak

The Feast of Samhain
by Terry Lowenstein

Red, Red Room
by Jessica Wong

The Grove
by William Bolen

Breath of the Dragon
by Kevin Zelasko

Ghostly Bodies
by Matthew J Hewitt

Spacefarer's Lament
by Mike Rasmussen

House of Marrow
by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Coming Home
by Gareth Lyn Powell

Recollections of a Gentleman
by Mike Rasmussen

Flying Again
by Danny Erin

Robot Berserk
by John Grey

by Steven E McDonald

Major Outage Tech Support Blues
by Robert Wynne

Close to Her
by William Carson Reed

Tech’s Lament
by Steven Utley

Living In The Past
by Gareth Lyn Powell