Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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When We Go

by Larissa March

To the tune of "When I Go" by Dave Carter

Come, all my brothers, sisters and friends,
We will fly like a comet when we go.
Climbing a pillar of fire again,
We will rise to the heavens when we go.

We will bellow like Orion's wrath,
And though the stars we'll soar,
A lonely ark of mankind's hope
To leave this earthly shore.
We will sweep through endless vacuum
Towards a world we do not know,
And the stars will long recount the story,
Anguish, hope and glory when we go.

Sing in the starfields, long way from home,
We will sing of a home we do not know.
New songs for laughter, old songs for tears,
Lift our voices in triumph as we go.

We will travel in the vastness,
We will ride upon our songs,
We'll tell tales of hope and sorrow
And of mankind's hist'ry long.
We will sing a song of journey's end
And draw the chorus slow,
We'll raise an anthem to the stars
And hope that someone else is listening when we go.

Mourn not, my family, we'll stay in your hearts,
We will carry you with us when we go.
Old loves behind us, new loves ahead,
We will cherish our mem'ries when we go.

We will build a home out of our dreams
Upon a world we find,
Raise our yearning eyes at midnight
Towards our mother left behind.
Do not worry for our safety,
Do not sorrow for us so,
All your diamond tears will rise up and
Adorn the sky between us when we go.

© 2001 Larissa March

Larissa is extremely secretive, and told the poetry editor nothing about herself.

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