Aphelion Issue 226, Volume 22
March 2018
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March Short Stories

The Second-degree Out-of-body Experience
by Marianne Resler
What would the criminal element do with certain technologies?

Vampire Moon
by Graham Catt
Zeezar Boot and his jungle cat Wex embark on a hunt that ends up being more...sinister than at first glance.

The Volunteer (The Movie)
by David Rogers
"Joe pressed enter and waited for the world to not end."

by Grannd Kane
When it comes to revenge, vampiric immortality really, really helps.

A Greek Spell
by Patrick Doerksen
There were some cool spells in ancient Greece.

Lost in Transition
by Susan Anwin
Homeless life can be even more difficult when you have command of fire flowing in your veins.

Long Lost Friends
by D. A Cairns
"Class of ‘86’ all together at last!"

The Plague Wind
by Travis Knight
It's a stormy night at sea for the Iron Rose...

Imitation of Christ
by David Flynn
Christ's return isn't as beautiful as it might seem.

Shackles and Chains
by T. S. Kay and Jeff Huff
When youre feeling stressed and weighed down by life, a song can really help cheer you up.

A Jar of Whiskers
by O. N. Boyd
A dog cop and a mage cop must stop a jewel thief with a dozen delicious glazed doughzels on the line.

Car Trouble
by Kent Rosenberger
A hellish commute.