Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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Ghostly Bodies

by Matthew J Hewitt

Blown by a delicate breath of air, crimson clouds lined with golden pennies floated by, these pennies they shrouded the eyes of the dead men. Pennies that once lined their pockets now hid their dead, staring, once greed-filled, now empty eyes.

Sea horses they drifted on the warm currents of air, as they sang gently into the ears of the dead, hissing soft, sea sung lullabies into dead ears, which could hear nothing no more, no more.

Along on a silver spiralling moon beam Joshua sat, his two heads they flashed brightly, orange, purple, crimson, breathtaking colours which plumed from his two heads simultaneously, these colours they painted the skies in the style of a van Gogh all around his hideous countenance. His dagger like teeth they dripped crimson coppery blood. As gently, lovingly, he snaps off the head of another of those stupid human captives, releasing an ocean of that wonderful, gushing crimson delicacy on which he loves to feast.

Demetria on the other hand soars way above the macabre scene, where he dances romantically with cold spirits, seducing them, then hungrily feeding off them.and finally with great joy and excitement flooding through his slimy brutal body, he totally destroys them, pulling their ghostly bodies apart with his crab like appendages, that suddenly, and revoltingly sprout out from the insides of his gaping mouth, and his laughing like that of cats crying in the night, can be heard forever floating across the sullen crimson skies

© 2003,  Matthew J Hewitt

Matthew J. Hewitt is one of the much acclaimed cemetery poets, and is spoken of in the press as the new king of British dark poetry, born in 1968 this young poets critical acclaim are as follows:
The great poet Bruce Boston says, "Hewitt's work has potential and emotion". Simon Clark, famous British horror writer, tipped as the new Stephen King, says of the poem The Fire Of Insanity, "This is a piece of real power, rich in imagery, sure to be published," of the poem Pan, Clark says "incredible vivid imagery," and of the poem It Came From The Swamp an intensely visual piece in a style that you seem to be claiming for your own." Andy Cox editor of T.T.A. press says, "Hewitt’s poetry is brilliant, the best I have ever read." Hewitt’s writing has also been compared to author Lord Dunsany by Australian magazine Redsine, and also has been considered as the new Dante. Hewitt collected second prize in the first Fiction Inferno short story competition, and he is the winner of the best poem competition on the Demonminds site. Several of Hewitt’s poems are due out in an anthology published by Double Dragon publishers this will be available through W. H. Smiths, Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble bookstores etc.

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