Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Spacefarer's Lament

by Mike Rasmussen

We've met our goals,
We've scored our kills,
We've lost our share of lives.

We've seen it all,
and done still more,
yet led a life of lies.

We're not well known,
we soldier boys -
we blend into the crowd.

We've earned awards,
and medals, too:
our mums are very proud.

We'll never have fame,
my crew and I,
more distant still than Mars.

You'll never read of
our great deeds
out here among the stars.

To languish in
is our fate, I fear.

For the rumour's true,
if not well known;
my crew and I are queer.

© 2004 Mike Rasmussen

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