Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Robot Berserk

by John Grey

So man’s servant
figured it was man’s master.
Decapitated the wife with a broom,
the husband with a hand-saw.
Tossed the football at the son so hard
it burst right through his stomach.
As for the daughter,
that damn machine pulled her
disco outfit so tight around her body,
she oozed out either end like hamburger meat.
The cops are at the house now
trying to convince Acme Electronics™
Model TX5AS146™ to give itself up.
For the first time in history,
"Come and get me copper"
is snarled through copper wiring.

© 2004, 2007 John Grey

JOHN GREY: Australian born poet, playwright, musician. Latest chapbook is "The Body's Last Days" from Richard Geyer, Publisher. Recently in Weird Tales and Penumbric.

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