Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Breath of the Dragon

by Kevin Zelasko

Oh great spirit of the immortal dragon
Hear my desperate plea.
For a kindred soul beckons
for your divine guidance and strength.

Envelope me with your fury
and lay bare the weakness in my soul.
Burn me with the flames of your hot breath
and burn away all fears and self doubt.

I am but a humble man,
may your eternal wisdom show me
the eternal wisdom of a warriors soul reborn.

Wrap your coils about me now.
Let me be one within your fold,
and find rapture in the breath of the dragon.
And open my eyes to the world beyond.

© 2003 Kevin Zelasko

Kevin Zelasko, 32, is currently a college student in South Bend, IN

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