Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Living In The Past

by Gareth Lyn Powell

Those damn trilobites
have been going through
the bins again.

I try shaving but don't
look any different,
only paler.

Two days stubble,
the smell of sleep
and cigarettes.

What other souvenirs
Did I collect?

© 2004 Gareth Lyn Powell

Gareth Lyn Powell is a science fiction writer living in the UK, near Bristol. He has had poems published in various small magazines, including one due in the May 2004 issue of Coffee House. His first science fiction novel is under consideration from a publisher, and he is currently working on a second. He has also recently submitted several short SF stories to various markets. He had a poem published in the February issue of Aphelion, and a short story in the May issue. He has also recently had a short story in the July issue of Quantum Muse and a poem in the May issue of Coffeehouse Poetry.

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