Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Close to Her

by William Carson Reed

Carrie sits in her bedroom, alone and sad.
She is impatient for her love Thomas.
He said he would arrive in an hour; It’s been an hour and a half.
She has a picture of him to tide her over.
He is so handsome, a Son of the Stars.
A prom photo, standing by himself and smiling,
Carrie always melts when she looks at the picture.
She remembers their first dance:
Nightfall; Prom night; Carrie wore a sky blue dress,
Blonde hair in a pony tail. Sunshine blonde hair,
A smile to stun.
A dance between Carrie and Thomas began,
A forever love, set in stone.
Recently, they made love. Earth-shattering remembrance of the first time plagued Carrie,
A good disease,
They knew that they would be together ever since.

Two hours pass and Thomas finally arrives.
"He's Here!" she cries.
"He's Here! He's Here! He's - He's –“

Carrie fell forward, a faraway look in her eyes, eyes changing colour.
Her tiny arms grew muscle, and hair,
Perky breasts disappeared, forming mighty pectorals.
With her own voice, she cried
"I Love You Thomas! I Love You So Much!"
"I Love You!"....

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