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May 2023
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Issue 80 Volume 08 April 2004


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Flight of the Starhawk
Part 1 (of 3)

Tony Ragas
As a teenager, Josh had wanted to fly to the stars. As an adult, he ended up with an oilfield job and a portfolio of hopeless dreams stashed away on his PC's hard drive. Alcoholism and depression ate away at him and drove him to spend lonely nights pondering his existence. Then he met an alien on the riverbank one night. An alien with a machine that created objects out of raw matter and energy. Even complex objects like components for starships!

Strange Deaths to Follow
Part 3 (of 5)

Neil McGill
A strange tale where a fortean detective meets the minority report meets the world of Pratchett meets Tarantino.

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Short Stories

A Journey Too Far
Donald Sullivan
A star traveller returns after a thousand year journey to become the last man on earth.

Cry of Triumph
N. J. Kailhofer
An ambitious scientist, a thick-headed newspaper reporter, and a nature-loving genius struggle with the nature of time and a recalcitrant outboard motor.

Helen Damnation
Robert Moriyama
In the Port Armstrong lunar colony, criminals beware: Helen Damnation McKay has no patience for sinners.

Cameron Neilson
A man is awakened from stasis in the far future.

Shadow Game
Sharon Partington
Two supernatural beings play with the destinies of mortals.

The Search For Krazy Kat
Frederick Rustam
Datamaster Eldon Roath of the starship TerrInforma2 had a knack for intellectual mysteries and a talent for locating rare books.

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Poetry and Filk Music

In the Wake of Dreams
Roy Gray

Little Bastard
Kristine Ong Muslim

Pale Blue Skies
Durlabh Singh

Pretty is as Pretty Does
Rev. Theresa Jackson

Spacefarer's Lament
Mike Rasmussen

The Fair Fairies of Fey
David Taylor

Toppled Angel
John Grey

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Articles and features

The Pollwatchers!
Cary Semar
Cary Semar turns his eye towards the political scene…

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