Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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In The Wake of Dreams

by Roy Gray

Sometimes I sight a poem in my dreams
In an instant
Spun in moonlight
It turns and shimmers in my mind
I encompass its entirety
A lucid confection, sparkling like crystal
Glittering in novelty
A sugar castle
Shattered by waking
Scattered by reality

Sometimes a memory of loss remains
An absence
Sunlight cannot illumine
Sand in the creative muscles
What turned so readily in my hands?
Seemed so perfect from all angles?
In life's bustle
When nighttime visions
are daytime ghosts.

Sometimes a remnant of that dream returns
To remind me.
Sparking a recovery.
Trawled from the deeps of the conscious?
A long drawn-out reconstruction
Daily I burnish regrown facets
A black and white rehash
Another castle
So I salvage something
But it’s nothing

© 2004 Roy Gray

I am an occasional poet. My poem Towards Darwin was reprinted in the 1999 Rhysling Anthology and has recently been accepted for a further 'reprint' in Astropoetica. I am an oft-rejected writer of short fiction who lives in Britain.

My publication record includes:
Fiction: Interzone 2001 & 2000
Reviews: Interzone, of genre theatre, (2000 &1998)
Articles: Irish Pharmachem Directory 2003, Freelance Writing & Photography, Packaging India (1995) Mindsparks, PharmaceuticalTechnology (Europe) & New Writings (1994)
Humour: Physics World (1994, 5 & 7)
Drama: In 2003 I won a UK Public Awareness of Science grant for a drama treatment that shows science or scientists in a ‘good light’.

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