Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Pale Blue Skies

by Durlabh Singh

Under the pale blue soft skies
On white sanded sculpted shores,
Where the birds cast their shadows
Amid decreasing days of summer lores.

Paths of never returning a thousand ages,
Paths of ever occurring a thousand clefts,
Cast out by wakeful gates of sheltered eyes
In echoes and the silent sound of the foot steps.

Here in the time where the paths end
Amid laborious hells carried within oneself
Pivoted fingers in moth-moulded stance
In ever-widening circles of the fiery spells.

Knowledge of ignorance, knowledge of knowing,
Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark sowing,
Knowledge of deeds, knowledge of the unsaid,
Knowledge of beginnings, knowledge of ends.

And how should I know,
And what should I hold,
When I am only a novice
In the complexities of my soul?

© 2004 Durlabh Singh

Durlabh Singh is a poet resident in London , England and has been published widely in over 200 publications. His latest book of verse is CHROME RED (ISBN 1898030464)

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