Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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282 Volume 27 April 2023


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual ravings about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The Last Discovery
Ruben Horn
The old lesson … don't shoot at someone you haven't first tried to talk to.

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Short Stories

A Mini Stir of Into Action
David Baresch
"Language is supposed to facilitate communication, not obfuscate it…"

Ramprasath Rengasamy
"Raising children is a full-time job…"

Deceased Estate
D.A. Cairns
"Ever wonder about the people who are tasked with emptying the homes of folks who have shuffled off this mortal coil? Homes have a character all their own, brought into being by the people who lived there—and sometimes died there…"

Garden Haven
Judith Pratt
"What a brave new world, that has such people in it…"

Tim McHugh
"Membership in the Guild was a long and honorable tradition. But one not without its own hazards…"

Old Dan
Dan L. Hollifield
"Old Dan lived up on th’ ridge somewhere—Nobody knew quite where…"
Inspired by conversations with Nick Tockert.

Lu Evans
"I thought my imagination was playing tricks on me when I noticed lights at the bottom of the lake as we reached 150 feet down. Could the lights originate from bioluminescent creatures? I tried to draw my colleagues' attention to the phenomenon, but I soon realized that the lights were not the only strange thing. Likewise, I had the impression that someone was watching us…"

The Good Folks
Robert Pettus
"Reality—is complicated. Is it what we see? What we believe? What we're told it to be? Or, is it something… More?"

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Flash Fiction

Marley Laughed
Thom Hinks

A Startling Lecture
Christopher T. Dabrowski

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Poetry and Filk Music

A Devil's Pact
by Alshaad Kara

by Lori R. Lopez

El Monstro de Mejico
by Juan Manuel Perez

next door
by ayaz daryl nielsen

No Easy Road
by Simon MacCulloch

by Stephanie Smith

Orbital Motion
by Kenneth Vincent Walker

Replacement Parts
by James Hamill

The Accursed Conscience
by Max Bindi

The Wilderness
by Amit Parmessur

When The Honeymoon Is Over
by Lauren Scharhag

Wolf's Bane
by Alexis Child

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Streaming Chat Shows

At the links below you can find archives of the live-streaming chat shows run by the Director of HallowCon and myself. WARNING: Contains Language!

Stupid O'Clock
Showrunner: Joe McKeel
This show is best described as a group of friends hanging out at a science fiction/fandom convention in the hotel lobby/bar and chatting with everyone that walks up. We may even have a guest or two. We start out with no topic. We spend two hours chatting and reading comments. Many times we never know what we will talk about but we cover many topics. Many times a viewer tosses out a comments and we will chase it down the rabbit hole.
But rest assured we had fun and hopefully you do too.
Brought to you by Hallowcon, Stupid O'clock, and Rising Tide Productions.

Last Man Standing
Showrunner: Dan L. Hollifield
A late night, after-hours chat show. The guests featured are SF&F writers, artists, musicians, comic book creators, SMOFs, and members of fandom in general.
Usually, It either starts off slow and boring and picks up speed as guests join in, or it continues on at full speed from whatever discussion was in progress on Stupid O'clock when that show ended. This thing can go on for hours once it gets rolling. Guests are welcome to join at any time, but trolls will be punted for field goals. The content is somewhat PG, or even more adult, but is intended to be entertainment for reasonably adult audiences.
Brought to you by Aphelion Webzine, Hallowcon, Stupid O'clock, and Rising Tide Productions.
All music composed and copyrighted by Dan L. Hollifield, 2022.

Tidbits And Scribbles
Showrunner: McKayla Jade
Author McKayla Jade hosts a creative writing chat show on alternate Tuesday evenings on her YouTube channel. I'm a frequent panelist there, along with many Rising Tide and other online friends. Panelists featured are writers, editors, indie publishers, artists, and other creatives. Topics covered include writing, editing, cover art, self-promotion, staying motivated, research, networking, attending conventions and book shows, etc.

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