Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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October Short Stories

by Edmund Schluessel
Pocket Universe? Deoends on who builds it...

The Crows of Wentwood
by George T. Philibin
Does DNA pass memories? Maybe!

Sparrow Killer
by Lee Blevins
“The Doom of Finnan spread senseless and absolute.”

Sweet Peas
by George Schaade
Plants can mutate when transfered to an alien environment. Whad would happen if...

Teenage Vampiric Crush
By James J. Murphy III
She’s a good kid…they just grow up so quickly.

Phase Shift
By Roderick D. Turner
It is dangerous to pry too deeply into other people's secrets.

The Black Cumin Cure
By Robin Ray
Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Man of Iron
By Rick Hannah
The Prince of Many Lands stood at the edge of the blasted earth and stared in awe.

Reckoners of Clay and Flesh
By David Sivier
Sometines, everything hangs on a new discovery...

By C.E. Gee
London, 1888, The Atumn of Terror, and one name is on ever newspaper: Jack the Ripper. But even with the police forces of the largest city in the world, he was never apprehended.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years

Never Friday
By Greg Barozzi
"When the two Captains of the Silver Moon return to the Mare Inebrium, Max isn't very glad to see them. But they buy their way into Max's good graces with a large credit chip, and a sad story. After all, in the Mare Inebrium, a story to tell is as valuable as hard currency..."

Flash Crowd
By Dan L. Hollifield, Bill Wolfe, Lester Curtis, J. Davidson Hero, and Jaimie Elliot
"Any cop can tell you that if you interview a dozen witnesses to a single crime, you'll wind up with a dozen different versions of what happened."

A Space War To End All Space Wars
By Sergio Palumbo
"Wars can be fought on many fronts, using many different weapons. Sometimes, even the most paranoid of warriors forgets that wars don't always have only two sides."

Concerto For Spies
by D. J. Rout
Of all the gin joints in all the worlds...