Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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March Short Stories

By Jake Zawlacki
Greg doesn't need to close his eyes to see the monsters.

In Hot Water: A "Dragonson" Vignette
By Walter G. Esselman
Don't mess with Brianna's spell otter, SOS.

By Colt Leasure
Evan Rummell was just a simple hypnotist until the day she walked into his office.

You'll Die as Fish
By Susan Anwin
A chance encounter had Megan seeing scales.

The Witch of Wicken Fen
By Ash Silverlock
Huw doesn't believe in vampires, but he's sure that he murder of Gruffud ap’Pwyll is politically motivated.

Pound Foolish
By Eliot Fintushel
All Yuri Black wants to do is save his marriage.

The Game Show
By Brendan Walsh
If Ragde Eop wins, she's going to bring back someone truly special.

Journey to the Other Side
By Gordon Rowlinson
Cash and Stone are about to find out what's on the other side of the black hole.

Best Short Stories from Our First Twenty Years
Best Shorts 1999-2000

Best of 1999:
The Planting

By Harlon Stafford
Mirak has no idea the surprise his wife has in store for him.

The Sins of the Father
By Rene Steen
If you go back in time and make a mistake, can you go back again and fix it?

Harsh Rains
By Tom Oliver
In a place with no life, there are no natural predators.

Best of 2000:
The Kashmir

By Iain Darby
Malcolm is beginning to suspect he will not be allowed to return home.

A Warning from the Red Star
By Frederick Rustam
The Martians don't want to be invaded and they've decided to be pro-active about it.

The Rivers of Olympus
By Terry Bramlett
And the water on Mars will flow again.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years
Best Mare Inebrium Tales 1999-2000

By Dennis Tallent
Always do your homework...

There is Always a Reason
By Kate Thornton
Beware of Stellar Confiscation Officers bearing gifts

By Jim Peters
The Bluesman had the gift of touching souls with his music. A powerful weapon, indeed!

Harry Chapin's Waltz
By Jeff Williams
The Mare Inebrium's jukebox holds the key to mysterious patron.

The Drinking Contest
By Rene' Stein
Some drinks can be deadly to those unacustomed to them.