Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Poet And A Starman

by Bill Sutton

I am a poet and a starman.
I drift the boundless void alone.
I seek the briliant clusters,
I touch the alien stone,
But the songs I sing are the songs of home -- my long lost home.

I race the universe and travel
Not fast enough to catch the light.
I left my dreams behind me
In time and in my flight,
The things I loved in endless night -- while I shine bright.

I've seen their wonders and their treasures.
I've read their words and heard their songs.
They speak their dreams so proudly,
Their voices loud and strong,
I sing alone when they have gone -- then I go on.

I am a poet and a starman.
I sing my way from sun to sun.
I ask the brilliant clusters
Where alien planets run,
Do I regret the things I've done? The songs I've sung?

Words and Music © 1976 Bill Sutton

"Poet and a Starman" can be found on Bill's new album, Passing Through. Read Aphelion's review of this album.

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