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May 2023
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Issue 101 Volume 10 April 2006


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Lucinda May:A Love Story
Pavelle Wesser
In the world of the future, stealing each other's 'parts' has become a hot commodity. Those who live the illusion of love in a world governed by bots and the fear of Psych City stand to suffer mercilessly in their desire. Meet Martin, and enter the never-ending cycle of destruction this world has wrought upon his life.

Patrick R. Burger
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn, Jim Morrison said. But when barbarians fall into snow stained red with their own blood as the sun shines overhead, what then?

Nightwatch: CSM-115 Part One
Jeff Williams
Toward the end of the day, Alan Shepard, chief of the Astronaut Office, took the microphone in Mission Control to give the crew a public and official, if mild, reprimand. 'I just wanted to tell you,' he said, 'that on the matter of your status reports, we think you made a fairly serious error in judgment here in the report of your condition.' Carr accepted the rebuke: 'Okay, Al. I agree with you. It was a dumb decision.' And that was that.
(Benson and Compton, SP-4208, 6 August 2004)

A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

…Bargain at the Price
Neil Davies
Steve Drake was an independent Trader always on the edge of bankruptcy. He couldn't afford to be picky about the Trades he took on — and anyway, the job on Szuilta seemed too good to pass up. Big pay, low-risk cargo … if rumors and superstition scared other Traders away, so much the better for Drake and his partners aboard The Seven Deadly Sins.

End of the Line
B. H. Marks
The Final Frontier wasn't much of a frontier anymore, and there was no room for the independent spacers like Captain Deke 'Deep' Waters. Still, Captain Dale Carruthers knew how much he owed to Waters and his contemporaries.

Of Fast Cars and Slow Karma
George T. Philibin
Jeffery was having a rough time. Someone who seemed to know everything about him and his wife Jean was screwing with him, putting Jean's picture on counterfeit money and dispensing it (along with some rude remarks) to them (and only to them) from an ATM machine. And that was just the beginning… Jeffery soon learned that what goes around comes around in very strange ways.

Teddy Bears and Demons
Matthew Scott Baker
Tasha's obsession with her ragged and downright smelly old teddy bear drove Phillip crazy. And the story she told to justify it only made things worse.

The Blessed
Justin Steel
For generations, the humans on Dracus had been blessed the Lord with prosperity and peace unheard of in the rest of the noisy and noisome galaxy. And all it cost them was the occasional small offering.

The Disappeared Man
E. S. Strout
The Medicare Research Center's longevity project promised a chance at a longer, healthier life. Matt Aldrich, suffering from heart problems that would probably kill him sooner than later, signed up when chest pains made 'sooner' look too close for comfort. But Jack Simms discovered that volunteering for the project meant that Aldrich was cut off from the rest of the world — and that made him more than a little curious.

The Mistake
Rick McQuiston
Anne had made a mistake — not a terribly unusual one, but one that was going to cost her life. She could never have guessed how far her husband Henry's jealousy would take him. But Henry was not immune to error, either.

The One-Eyed Dragon
Brian C. Petroziello
Something big, nasty and savage has been leaving a trail of fire and death from the Far East to New York City. Of course, now that it's on their turf, it's up to Detectives Minelli and Mulhearn of the Special Crimes Section to find the beast — and put it down.

The Zimmerman, Captive of the Dar
Kevin James Miller
Henry Zimmerman, one of the chief advisors to the President, found himself kidnapped after his bodyguard was slaughtered before his eyes. But his captors were no ordinary terrorists or foreign agents — and their demands were out of this world.

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Poetry and Filk Music

Will They Still Remember Me in 100 Years?
Lee Alon

The Brazenest Whore in Syria
Lea Ann Douglas

The Circle Complete
Alasdair Muir

Thomas D Reynolds

Pavelle Wesser

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