Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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April Short Stories

San Miguel
by Elizabeth Hurley
"Do you consider yourself a man of God?"

Serpent of Worlds
by Ryan Harris
A retelling of an ancient creation myth.

Night of the Jaguar
by Rekha Valliappan
“The vibrancy of the city could not die. That sickly blue mist could never extinguish. It still swirls, hanging in unusual and strange motifs--visible for always.”

A Broken Showroom Window and They
by Andrei Gaceff, Translated from Romanian by Carmen Dobriceanu and Andrei Gaceff
"Oh. We weren’t expecting not to find you home. There’s really no one, only props."

My Brother's Keeper
by N. B. Yomi
A sister's love for her brother is all the superpower she needs. Although, having angelic power at her side is admittedly a nice bonus.

The Picture
by Tammy Huffman
Ike really is such a sweet boy.