Aphelion Issue 245, Volume 23
November 2019
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My Brother's Keeper

by N. B. Yomi

A young brunette girl of eight years old sat across from her brother, as they sat in a sandbox, and built a sand castle. After they finished the castle, the boy took out a toy dinosaur from his backpack and had it attack the castle. The girl then took hold of a caped action figure, and had it battle the dinosaur. After they smashed the sand castle, the girl and boy moved onto a seesaw. They played on the seesaw, before they moved onto a swing, and the girl gradually pushed her brother higher and higher. As they were having fun, a young woman with long brown hair approached them.

“Maria. Joshua. It’s time to go.” The woman said, as she stood behind the children.

“Okay mom.” Maria replied.

The children followed their mother to her car, before they drove to a two story house. They entered the house, before the mother bathed her children after dinner. After their bath, Maria and Joshua are sent to bed, as their mother kissed them goodnight.

“Mommy, can you leave the light on?” Joshua asked, as their mother left the room.

“Of course, Joshua.” She replied, before she turned the hall light on.

After their mother left the room, Joshua cuddled with Maria, as he gazed at the closet door. Joshua felt Maria’s hand on his head, before he turned his attention to Maria, who graced him a smile.

“Don’t worry Joshua, I’ll protect you from the monsters from our closet.” Maria stated.

Meanwhile outside Maria and Joshua’s house, an angel stood atop a telephone poll. The angel gazed down, and saw a monster approaching Maria and Joshua’s home. She leaped forward and flew through the air, before she descended towards the monster. She tackled the monster, before they tumbled to their knees across from each other. The monster roared, before it charged at the angel. It swung its claw, as she evaded it with a leap to the right. The monster turned its attention to her, before it charged towards her. She flipped it over her shoulder and onto the ground, before she conjured a sword. She tried to stab the monster, as it rolled out of the way. The monster dashed past the angel, and made its way towards the house, before the angel followed it. The monster appeared in Joshua and Maria’s closet, before it spotted them sleeping, as it opened the closet door. The angel blasted the monster through the door, as it crashed into the wall next to Joshua and Maria’s bed. Upon noticing the result of her actions, the angel dashed forward, and decapitated it. She turned her attention to Joshua and Maria who looked on shock.

“Sorry children, I was just slaying a monster in your closet.” The angel said.

“Are you an angel...?” Joshua asked, before the angel glanced at her wings and nodded in response.

“Thank you, that means I didn’t have to beat up that monster myself.” Maria said.

“Oh, you’re your brother’s protector?” The angel asked, as Maria nodded in response with a smile.

The angel held out her hand, before Maria reached out and shook it. Maria felt a warm sensation, before she withdrew her hand.

“From now on, if you’re in danger I’ll be able to come to help you.” The angel said, before she faded away.

The next morning Maria sat in her classroom, as she gazed at her right hand. As she continued to gaze at her hand, she saw a yellow cross glowed on her hand. This took Maria back, before she didn’t see the cross anymore.

What was that? What was it for? Maria wondered as she gazed at her hand. Maria was startled by the ringing bell, before she exited the classroom. Maria went through out her day occasionally gazed at her hand, hoping to see the cross. After school, Maria exited the school, before she saw Joshua wandering around the campus. Maria approached Joshua, before he turned his attention to her. Joshua ran towards Maria, and hugged her. After they hugged, their mother pulled up, before they went home. After they went home, Maria did her homework, as she gazed at her hand occasionally. After her homework, Maria played with Joshua as they fiddled with action figures.

“Are you okay, sis?” Joshua asked, as he noticed Maria glancing at her hand.

“Huh, yeah I’m fine.” Maria replied.

They continued to play before their mom came to get them ready for bed. She kissed her children goodnight, before she left the hallway light on. Maria gazed at her hand while Joshua leaned against her and slept. As Maria kept gazing at her hand, her eyes got heavy, before she yawned. Maria glanced at Joshua, before she smiled, snuggled with Joshua and slept. As they slept, a barrier formed around them, before the angel appeared with an intrigued expression on her face.

The next day, Maria gazed at her hand throughout the day. When the day came to an end, Maria left the school, as she was lost in thought. After Maria made her way to the campus, she stood in the open field, before Joshua ran towards her. Joshua embraced Maria, which caught her by surprise. Maria regained her composure, before she gently rubbed Joshua on the head. Joshua then removed a picture of a smiling sun and rainbow, and showed it to Maria. Maria looked at the picture and smiled.

“It looks good, Josh. I’m sure mom will post it on the refrigerator.” Maria said, as Joshua’s face lit up with glee.

After they got home, Joshua showed his picture to their mother, before she pinned it to refrigerator with a magnet. Later that night, Joshua drew a picture Maria. After they went to bed, Maria sat next to Joshua, as she gazed at her hand.

“Are you sure you’re okay sis…?” Joshua asked, before he placed his hand on her forehead.

“You’re not sick…” Joshua said, as he withdrew his hand.

“I’m fine Joshua, let’s go to sleep.” Maria replied.

“Will you protect me from the monsters in our closet?” Joshua asked.

“Of course I will.” Maria replied with a smile, before Joshua nodded, and leaned against her.

Joshua fell asleep, as Maria gazed at her hand, before angel appeared next to her.

“You’re wondering what you saw on your hand?” She asked, as Maria turned her attention to her.

“Yeah, what is it?” Maria asked.

“It’s supposed to work as a signal that alerts me to whenever you’re in danger. However, I believe I’ve given you the ability to use your spiritual energy. Meaning I’ll have you teach you how to use it.” The angel explained.

“Train me? With what and how?” Maria asked.

“To put it simply, you now have super powers, and I need to teach you how to use them.” The angel explained.

“Great, when do we start?” Maria asked.

“We can start now, just lay back and close your eyes. I’ll handle the rest.” The angel replied.

Maria followed the angel’s instructions, before she woke up in an empty room. Maria examined her surroundings, before the angel appeared before her. Maria stood and approached the angel, as she continued to observe her surroundings.

“You’re dreaming, as this is the inside of your mind. It’ll make it easier to train you.” The angel explained, as she approached Maria.

“By the way, I’m Sarah. What’s your name?” The angel asked, as she stood in front of Maria.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Maria.” Maria replied.

“Great, now that we’re acquainted, let’s get started on your training.” Sarah said, as she placed her hand on the top of Maria’s head.

Maria sat as a blue aura blazed around her body. Maria gazed at her hands, and saw her aura flowing around them.

“Relax, take a deep breath, and focus on the flow of aura around your body.” Sarah instructed.

Maria followed Sarah’s instructions, as the blazing aura slowly ebbed. Maria breathed slowly, as her aura slowly enveloped her body. Maria gazed at her hands, as she saw that her aura enveloped her hands like gloves. From there Sarah began to show Maria how to manipulate her aura, as she showed Maria how to channel energy into her hands. Maria watched the aura flow from Sarah’s arms, before she tried it herself. Sarah observed Maria’s progress, before she stood behind Maria, and slowly guided her on how to channel her aura into her hands. Maria looked on in awe at the flowing aura that accumulated in her hands.

As Maria trained with Sarah, a monster emerged from her closet, and snatched up Joshua. Sarah sensed Joshua’s abduction, before Maria woke up, and saw Joshua being pulled into a portal. Maria leaped from her bed and through the portal. Maria fell through a wormhole and landed in a barren desert. Maria looked around as the wind blew through her hair.

“So, this is where monsters live?” Maria asked.

“Yes, it is. You’re not prepared to save your brother as you are now, so I’ll need to lend you my power.” Sarah replied.

“Alright, let’s go!” Maria stated, before she dashed forward.

Maria ran forward as she tried to look for the monster’s lair. As Maria kept running, her pacing got slower, while her breathing grew heavier. Maria persisted in spite of this, before she felt her feet leave the ground. Maria looked down, as she saw the ground flowing beneath her. Maria looked ahead, before she looked behind herself, and saw glowing wings on her back. Maria flew forward, before she landed in front of a giant cave, and entered it. Maria ran down a corridor, before small round fur covered beasts descended towards her. Sarah channeled energy into Maria’s hands.

“Wave your right hand in a sweeping motion!” Sarah commanded.

Maria followed Sarah’s command, as a sweeping stream of energy destroyed the furry creatures. Afterwards, Maria continued forward through the cave. Maria made her way down a corridor, before she encountered a lumbering giant with a club approached her. Sarah conjured a sword and shield, before the giant swung its club. Maria blocked the club, as the force drove Maria to her knees. The giant swung its club, as Maria rolled out of the way, while the club struck the ground. Maria rolled to her knees, before she leaped forward and the giant swung its club. Maria flew over the club, soared into the air, before she descended, and beheaded the giant. Maria landed on the ground, as the giant’s body crashed behind her. Maria dashed forward, and made her way to a large chamber. She stood before a humanoid creature that held Joshua in a cage. The creature turned its attention to Maria, as it had horns on its head and red glaring eyes.

“Hey you jerk, give me back my brother!” Maria demanded.

“Oh, this snack is your brother? And what will you do if I don’t?” The monster asked.

“Then I’ll take him back!” Maria replied, before she leaped at the monster.

The monster swatted Maria from the sky, before she rebounded, and shot back at him. The monster spat fire from his mouth, as Maria shielded herself from the flames, while she was pushed back by the force of the flames, her feet touched the ground. Sarah channeled energy into Maria’s left hand.

“Maria put your hand out forward!” Sarah commanded.

Maria put her left hand forward, as she shot a beam of energy that pushed through the blaze of fire. The beam struck the monster in the face, as it recoiled. The monster fell back, as he dropped Joshua’s cage, before Maria leaped forward and caught Joshua’s cage. She landed on the ground, took Joshua from the cage, and held him in her arms.

“I knew you’d save me, sis.” Joshua said.

“Yeah, now wait here. I’ll beat this monster and we’ll go home.” Maria replied, as she placed Joshua on the ground.

Maria stood between the monster and Joshua as she held her sword and shield. Joshua marveled at the aura around her body, as wings that sprouted from her back. Maria leaped at the monster, as he swung at her, and she blocked it with her shield. Maria pushed his fist back, before the monster followed up with his left fist. Maria repelled it with a swipe of her sword, as the monster recoiled his hand. Maria darted forward, before the monster swatted her from the sky. Maria crashed into the ground, before the monster unleashed a barrage of energy orbs that crashed into Maria. The monster let up once a cloud of smoke formed, before Maria leaped through the cloud. The monster clapped his hands, and squished Maria between them. Maria crashed into the ground, before she stood up again with an aura radiating around her body. She darted at the monster, and parried his fists several times with her sword by rebounding and clashing against them. The monster created a giant ball of energy and slammed it against Maria, as the orb exploded. Joshua watched in horror as Maria descended from the sky in tatters.

“No, sis!” Joshua exclaimed.

Upon hearing her brother’s cry, Maria opened her eyes, as an aura flared around her body, while she caught herself in midair. Maria adjusted her body to an upright position, as she glared at the monster. Sarah looked around in awe at the rising aura, as she felt its tremendous pressure.

This is Maria’s aura? Her desire to protect her brother is this strong? Sarah wondered, as she felt Maria’s ascension.

The monster threw a punch with his left arm, before Maria leaped back to evade it. Maria swiftly followed up by slicing off the monster’s hand with her sword, before he withdrew his arm in pain. The monster threw a right jab, before Maria stabbed her sword in his fist, and slashed along his arm as she closed the distance between them. Maria withdrew her sword before she knocked the monster back with a kick to the face.

“Now Sarah!” Maria exclaimed, as Sarah leaped from her back.

“Right, let’s end this!” Sarah replied, as she hovered above Maria.

Sarah and Maria darted at the monster before he retaliated with a blaze of fire from his mouth. Sarah and Maria shielded themselves with an energy barrier, as they pushed through the oncoming flames. Once they came within striking distance of the monster, they struck him in the face with their fists. They proceeded to beat the beast back with a barrage of punches, as he stumbled back. Maria and Sarah then shot into the air, before they descended with a diving kick. They struck the monster in the chest with their kick, and drove him into the ground, as they pierced his chest upon impacting the ground. They ascended, as the monster screeched in agony before he combusted in white flames.

They descended towards Joshua, before they landed in front of him.

“Let’s go home, Joshua.” Maria said, as she took him into her arms, and he nodded in response.

Maria and Sarah left the cave, before Sarah opened a portal after they it made out into the open. They returned to their bedroom, before Maria and Joshua crawled into bed, before Sarah tucked them in. Sarah bid them farewell, before she left the room and watched over the neighborhood from the sky, as Maria and Joshua slept soundly in their room.


2019 N. B. Yomi

Bio: N.B. Yomi is the owner and founder of Mattron Comics, and an upstart author who's published works consist of two self-published works such as the short story: "Matthew's Monstrous Adventure," and self-pblished comics under the Mattron label: "This Wild And Crazy World #1," "The Mystic Crusaders # 1," and "Hollow Warriors: Year 1." And a short story "The Mystic Rider," published by the online magazine "The Literary Yard.

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