Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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December Short Stories

Unicorn Thief
by Janie Brunson
Revolutions can start in the strangest of ways.

A Message From the Department of Departures
by Daniel Goodman
Welcome to the afterlife. Please enjoy your flight.

Under the Pear Tree
by David Kavanaugh
"It's time for your coronation, Leif."

The Interview
by Dan Klefstad
How hard could it be to work for a vampire?

The Corpse Collector
by Patrick Moloney
One man's ill wind is another's smooth sailing; this is the philosophy of George Fenley.

The Transmutation of Embers
by Paul Edward Costa
The ceremony of the Transmutation of Embers leaves Mother Raaghan with a sinister task.

The Appointment
by Ferne Merrylees
Because I could not stop for Death/He kindly stopped for me.

A Very Serious Case
by Martin Westlake
When it comes to aliens, should we fear most the Conquerer or the Settler?

Ghost Friend
by James Murphy III
Revenge is a dish best served beyond the grave.

The Self-Contained Reality Door...
By Sergio Palumbo
"I am a scientist, and what I'd like to sell you is a door that is a machine to connect this world to another dimension...

Best Short Stories of 2017

The Potter
by Dimitrije Medenica
Where is the divide between a craftsman and his work?

by Edmund Schluessel
Pocket universe? Depends on who builds it...

by Charlie Fish
What are you willing to sacrifice for your job?

Cave Fish
by J. S. Helgerson
Building a foreign affairs relaitonship with an alien species may be trickier than we thought.

by Stephen Tillman
Better be careful about what you put in a cage. It could turn around and bite you...

Beyond the Blade
by Jarrett Mazza
Making the correct choice can be difficult. Especially if you didn't have all the necessary info.

Feast of Feasts
by Mike Kerins
The village would be safe from the Red-man if they gave it their all.

The Devil's Breath
by Ian C. Douglas
The wind spirits were not happy.

The Carrotfinger Man
by E. L. Knox
To reach the castle in time, the dwarves had to face what their pixie guides feared most.

In Hot Water: A "Dragonson" Vignette
by Walter G. Esselman
Don't mess with Brianna's spell otter, SOS.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years

Virtual Pet
by Linda Kelly
The absent-minded inventor Camforrt is back at the Mare Inebrium- with a new toy!

Mare Crisium
by Mark E. Cotterill
EHS inspectors were notoriously thorough and had immense powers, they were feared throughout known space for their diligence. They had powers to suspend trading licences, seize equipment and stock, and even arrest or execute staff. The Environmental Health and Safety inspector was fully entitled to spend as long as she liked looking at every aspect of the Mare Inebrium's operation.

The Captains of the Silver Moon
by Greg Barozzi
Caveat emptor, or in other words: There's one born every minute.

Hunter or Hunted?
by Jonjack
A Mare Inebrium story & a Writer's Challenge II story: You haven't lived until you've had to outwit something that's decided that you'd make a nice snack.

Mare Inebrium to All and to All a Good Night!
By Kate Thornton
Naughty or nice? Sometimes you can make the wrong choice, but I've always felt that virtue was its own punishment.

Be the Cat...
By Bill Wolfe
In City of Lights -when Mr. Grym wanted something, he usually got it. Even if he had to wait. And Mr Grym hated waiting. He hated waiting almost as much as he hated having his desires thwarted. But something at the Mare Inebrium was proving to be an impediment, so Mr. Grym was not happy.

Against All Odds
By Dan L. Hollifield
"Kazsh-ak Teir relates the tale of when he was forced to battle alone against a fleet of alien invaders attempting to conquor the D'rrish colony planet of R'lynath..."