Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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September Short Stories

Neil's Touchstone
by C.E. Gee
There all all kinds of hidden treasures on a dig, and sometimes the best ones are at home...

Three By Three Equals Destiny
by Kelly Sauvage Angel
There are occasions when you realize you should have gone through the pockets of the suit you just donated to charity. And, you have a teenager...

Because the submissions I got were so few, I decided to re-run the August short stories as well. I hope no one minds.

August Short Stories

The Orphan Hunter
by Lou Antonelli
Bob Tully picks up a helpful hand when scavenging for abandoned vending machines.

by Charlie Fish
What are you willing to sacrifice for your job?

“Under the Blossom that Hangs on the Bough”
By Stephen M. Davis
Barron sees his panther.

Wintering Ground
By Damien Krsteski
Saol learns to survive in a harsh world.

Dark Sister
By Susan Anwin
An outsider takes on the role of an outcast.

Tough Town
By Jon Stubbington
It’s a tough town, and Arton Yuar knows what it takes to survive.

Escape from Shadow Town
By Vincent Lakes
How do you prove your worth when you’ve been branded a traitor?

Sacrificial Lambs, Positronic Programs, or The Joys of Parenthood
By Gregory Cioffi
Phillis and Isaac worry about their only child. Nice homage to a classic tale.

Military Precedent?
By Thomas Wm. Hamilton
Fwedd makes an exciting discovery that could change warfare.

At Mayfaner House
By Eoin O'Neill
Will George Mayfaner III make the same mistake his grandfather did?

By Andrew Massey
Does the Prime Directive apply to changing the past?

Monstrous Potential
By Annie Percik
Theobold the medieval monk becomes a superhero.

By Chris Bailey
Linda is disturbed by her daughter’s new friends.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years

Sam Spade Ain't Nearly Dead Enough
By Bill Wolfe
"My secretary, Page, calls these bread and butter cases. Me, I call 'em boring. But don't take that the wrong way. I like boring. I've had enough excitement to last me couple'a lifetimes. All I'm doing is tailing some rich guy's wife to see what she's up to. Any Private Dick anywhere in the Stream would recognize the drill in a heartbeat..."

Deus Ex Machina
By Wishbone
You'd would think that having proved that some planet's major deity was actually an alien Sociology Professor would be enough for one student's lifetime. But now Robert Landis had to survive the wrath of the disillusioned natives he'd "inconvenienced" with his secular revelation.

Time Loves A Hero
By John Shanahan
The Eternal Champion was eternally sick and tired of fighting the Forces of Chaos. So when the Powers that Be materialize him in the Mare Inebrium, he's just a little cranky.

The Door Of Renown
by Jaimie L. Elliott
"The games people play is as nothing when compared to what deities can get up to the the Mare Inebrium's Pantheon Room... Gods and heroes and writers- Oh my! "