Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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April Short Stories

The Carrotfinger Man
By E.L. Knox
To reach the castle in time, the dwarves had to face what their pixie guides feared most.

By Christopher J. Ferguson
It should have been a quiet trip. There was no one onboard except 10,000 dead people.

Many Trips
By Mike Wilson
Mark Roebuck was an adventurer, an astronaut, and a dreamer.

The Green Lights Hurt You
By Andrew Kanago
The lights made life interesting... and scary.

His New Unknown
By Stephen M. Davis
They were about to land on a new planet, except there was a surpise.

The End
By Martin Westlake
Pet ownership isn't all wonderful.

By J.E. Deegan
Life in Limboland could leave you wanting.

Queen of Denial
By C.E. Gee
A trip to Mars takes a horrible turn.

By Roderick D. Turner
A reporter's vision could save the day.

Only a Drop
By Robin B. Lipinski
Dare you break the rules?

Best Short Stories from Our First Twenty Years
Best Shorts 2001-2002

Best of 2001:
By Robert Starr
Marlon's mysterious new roommate kept mason jars full of water.

Sisyphus Content
By Umut Topcuoglu
The ultimate punishment matches against an unbreakable man.

Washi in the Underworld
By Scott Reeves
Washi wanted his uncle back, but something else wanted far more.

Best of 2002:
An Apartment in Automatia
By Joe Vadalma
Perhaps machines shouldn't take care of everything for you...

Old Cyrus
By James McCormick
What's in a lamp? Aye, there's the rube.

By Greg Guerin
Again, the Old Ones would not stop them.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years
Best Mare Inebrium Tales 2001-2002

An Argument In Favor of A Social Conscience
By Gary Glass
When the Mare Inebrium is threatened by a Culture Clash, its up to the Social Conscience to save the innocent.

Heroes (In the Shadows)
by Debra Laich
Behind every great hero, there is someone unsung...

Tarj's Hit
by T.S. George
Even in the Mare Inebrium- "Another day, another dollar..." for the galaxy's greatest living assassin.

The Challenge
by Dennis Talent
There were two ways for a paramedic to join the elite 911 Group... The easy way was with 15 years senority, but Rookie Stephen Haddad was at the Mare Inebrium to do it the hard way!

Drinking Problem
by Jim Parnell
Never trust an alien who doesn't drink, particularly at the Mare Inebrium!