Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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December Short Stories

By David Schwitzgebel
All Don wants is to retain his own sense of identity. Is that too much to ask?

The Sand Ritual
By Agnieszka Halas
The painter, the artist, knows the secret way to ending her pain.

Eddie's Lousy Saturday
By Susan Anwin
Eddie just wanted to be a helpful neighbor.

Louise of Liverpool
By T.S. Kay
This family reunion threatens to end life as Kennard knows it.

Laughing Jack
By S.C. Hickman
Amy finds herself all alone in her grandmother's old house.

Best Shorts of 2016

The Keeper of the Plains
By Allison Wall
He wasn't what she expected of a sorcerer, but he sure liked coffee.

The Voice Catcher
By Tyra Tanner
Don't listen to the trees, Pumpkin.

The Wheel
By David Alan Jones
Peace is equality.

Alchemy of Oblivion
By Glenn M. Diamond
Something bad was happening to the world... or was it nothing?

A Winning Combination
By Roderick D. Turner
Angela raced like she was born to win.

An Unguarded Moment
By Randall A. Schanze
It was an impossible case, but the client paid very, very well.