Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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August Short Stories

The Keeper of the Plains
By Allison Wall
He wasn't what she expected of a sorcerer, but he sure liked coffee.

Station Road
By Ryan Daff
Murder. Break-ins. Vengeance.

Blue Oceans, Yellow Sands
By Konstantine Paradias
A titanic struggle between two superheroes boils over on multiple worlds.

The Digestion Cooperation
By J. Cameron Kuban
One woman struggles against losing her husband to hungry aliens.

The Bride from the Garden
By Rodica Bretin
The garden was dying, and then she came.

Crystal Ball
By Daniel C. Smith
They saw the future, and it was grim. Could the President save us?

The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son
By Ray Prew
Raising kids wasn't easy--not even for witches.