Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Flash Fiction

A Many Worlds View and the Life of a Mouse
By Richard Tornello
You've heard of Schrodinger's cat, but what about... Schrodinger's mouse?

Breaking the Cycle
By Ed Sullivan
For top secret agent Alan Tribeca, defeating his arch nemesis was routine. He just had to wait for Dr. Tenricvh to reveal his evil plan, and then a solution would present itself, or so he thought.

Crack of Doom
By Charles E.J. Moulton
He was about to travel again and continue his search for the woman who was hiding somewhere in time.

Fill the Hunger
By David Ulnar-Slew
He had stalked his prey for months; she was equisite. Tonight would be the night.

By Roy Dorman
Andy Lofton had never seen anything like it. The flies were everywhere. Millions and billions of flies.

Haute Cuisine
By David Ulnar-Slew
Every year the exclusive and reclusive Dark Dinner Club admitted only thirteen members. Every month four names were drawn. The first three got to eat...

By Kim Trotto
Redesigned kangaroos had eliminated the need for expensive robots in contaminated areas. They were even cheaper than humans.

It All Works Out in the End
By Ed Sullivan
Venus was great. There was only one little catch, the Venusian tapeworm.

It Gets Worse
By David Ulnar-Slew
He looked into the wall of grey-green ripples as he fell. He expected the water to end it all.

Karma Cleansing
By Ed Sullivan
Ed said he looked to our inaugural flash challenge for the inspiration for this story. An expression of love between two speculative fiction characters, a golden Buddha idol...

No Dogs Allowed
By Victor Henry
In the most exclusive restaurant in the entire universe, no dogs are allowed.

Silence the Crows
By Ed Sullivan
The avatar, a little blonde girl of about seven, waited for Mr. Andrews in the stark white void.

By Botond Teklesz
Drunk and high, Thomas Koepke struggled to complete an online IQ test, and then his mind wandered.

The Hole Story
By Ed Sullivan
"Why are you down in that pit?" the hiker asked. "I fell in," the voice said.

The Aphelion Flash Fiction Contest

We run a monthly flash fiction contest in the "Fun and Games" folder in Aphelion's forum. In the contest we post a challenge with a specific theme and participants write a flash story based on the challenge guidelines. The contest is a great place to hone your writing skills, meet some fellow writers, receive some feedback, and possibly win a prize. New participants are always welcome. Submissions for the contest are done through the forum. Flash stories from all of our previous contest challenges are archived in the forum as well. Over 500 stories are included in our archive. To start reading some of these great flash stories, check out either Index 1 or Index 2.

Results of the Aphelion Flash Fiction Contest for July 2014

Congratulations to Michele Dutcher, winner of the Two Heads Laugh Better Than One Challenge. Click HERE to read her winning story, "The Muse."