Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

Intelligent Drain-o
By Rick Grehan
A call from Uncle Mike could only mean one thing: it was time for Rick to update his insurance coverage.

Blue Plate Special
By Kate Thornton
Everything came with a price, but this bill was staggering.

By McCamy Taylor
There was only one place a couple of con artists of this caliber belonged: Congress.

Maggie's Farm
By Charles Ebert
Try looking through a peephole without a grapefruit. Just try it.

The Devil Is In This House
By Peter Cushnie
What could terrify a nun?

Shirasawa's Rage
By Jay Hill
The path toward the light may lead through the dark first.

Hey Soose Visits Reston
By Richard Tornello
Has the world gone bad? That is really the question.

The Lighthouse
By David Ames
It was there--always present, bearing over him, calling relentlessly to... the teeth in the dark?

By E.S. Strout
A classic-style story about about a rock in space that was supposed to hold no surprizes.

Forum Flash Challenge for August 2013

I. Verse captured the August Challenge with his story, "Wreckers." Verse won both the anonymous cash prize and also the virtual ice gnome trophy. Read his story and five other tales of swashbucklers in space here.