Aphelion Review # 49 --Gardens of the Moon--

Gardens of the Moon

A Review of Steven Erikson's new novel

Review by Dan L. Hollifield

Type of music/work:

Science Fiction Novel
The first book in Steven Erikson's ten-book Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

ISBN: 0-765-31001-5
Publisher: TOR Books
Price: $24.95/496 Pages

Steven Erikson
Cover Art by ??
TOR.com Where you can order the novel.

General impressions of the novel:

A hard-edged thriller, tightly woven, kept me on the edge of my seat. Very good world-building. Very well-written characters.


A real page-turner, and very thought provoking besides. I didn't want to put this one down. Every scene played out before me like a movie. This was a very good book. The characters were well developed and three dimentional. I got into them right off. The setting was also very well developed. I could almost smell the horses and armies and locations while I was reading. Good work. Steven Erikson is a name to watch. I'm glad to know that there will be nine more books in this series. That's a promise of many more good books to look forward to in the future.

This is a massive undertaking, but it the rest of the series lives up to this first volume, then I can safely predict great success for TOR and Steven Erikson. I enjoyed this book and can only look forward to the rest of the series with great longing.

Background info:

I quote here from the Bio on the website:

Steven Erikson was born in Toronto, grew up in Winnipeg, and then lived in the UK for several years with his wife and son. They recently returned to Winnipeg. He is an anthropologist and archaeologist by training, as well as a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop.

Review Copyright 2004 by Dan L. Hollifield

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