New Lettercol!

Due to the increase in spam that the lettercol has seen in recent months, the staff of Aphelion went searching for a new solution to continue providing you the best possible forum to discuss the zine. We are still working on the look and feel of the new lettercol, but it is now fully functional. Please take the time to register and post your opinions of our new issue!

The registration process does require that you supply a valid e-mail address to complete the process. Your initial password will be sent to that e-mail address. Aphelion Webzine respects the privacy of our members and will never reveal or distribute your e-mail address to any third party for any reason whatsoever. If you choose, you can check the option which will keep your address private. If you do this, only the administration of Aphelion will be able to see it.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel that in the long run this will create a much more vibrant and positive zine experience.

Thanks for your support and continued reading!

The Entire Aphelion Team

Enter The New Lettercol!