Aphelion Review # 42 --Lies of the Prophet--

Lies of the Prophet

A Review of C.J. Burch's new novel

Review by Dan L. Hollifield

Type of music/work:

Fantasy Adventure Novel

ISBN: 0-9741378-3-9
Price: $13.00

C.J. Burch
Cover Art by Scott Jones
Fortitude Press Where you can order the novel.

General impressions of the novel:

Tightly written in a classic fantasy style. CJ Burch brings his chacters to life before the reader's eyes.


CJ Burch writes excellent stories set in the heroic fantasy/sword & sorcery vein. "Star of Kaleel" is a great read. CJ writes very strong and capable female protagonists and the adventures they are set upon make up a page-turning read. The characters are fully fleshed-out, and read realisically. The background settings are vivid, but well paced so that the story isn't broken by long expository lumps. The dialogue is natural and flows with the action. "Star of Kaleel" is a very good Fantasy novel, quite well done.

The story itself catches the reader early and keeps their interest. The characters make the reader want to care about them. Adventure stories- good ones, anyway -aren't easy to write, but CJ makes it look easy. I enjoyed this one very much. CJ Burch is a talent to watch.

All in all, an excellent read. I can't wait for CJ's next novel to come out.

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Review Copyright 2004 by Dan L. Hollifield

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