Aphelion Review # 41 --Dr. Tim Book One--

Dr. Tim Book One

A Review of Christopher Varian's new cartoon collection

Review by Dan L. Hollifield

Type of music/work:

Cartoon Collection

ISBN: 0-9721091-0-2
Price: Unknown

Christopher Varian
http://www.etompro.com/ is the website for the book.

General impressions of the novel:

Loads of fun. The cartoon style is elegant and the story is entertaining. Excellent work!


I really liked the curving, energetic drawing style used for this series. Everything looks as if its in motion, with the reader's eyes being lead across the panel in such a way that all the details shine through. Christopher Varian's artwork reminds me of that of Burr Shafer in his "The Wonderful World of J. Wesley Smith" series of cartoons from the 1960s. The jokes are funny, the cartoons are excelent- This series of cartoons ought to become well known in the future.

I look forward to Dr. Tim Book Two!

Background info:

Available on the website.

Review Copyright 2004 by Dan L. Hollifield

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