By Alex Lanoszka

Starships jumped out of warp, they slowed down and then turned toward a massive and magnificent station called Dorido.

Most of the ships were small and dark in color. They had tractor beams locked on a larger ship.

The ship was black and was different from the others. The ship was large with an enormous bird-head sweeping down. The 'head', as it seems, connected to long, narrow tube with strange devices planted on it. At the end of the tube was two large engine nozzle that no one could translate of what it is in Doridian methods. As the ship was escorted into a massive station that was named after a general in World War III

On the space-craft, there was wings too. They were gigantic that were slanted down and on the tips carried two...what was it.... It was in the form of a cylinder and had blue flames in it.

Whatever it was, no one knew about it...

It was found by Bakorn space, but it had no Bakorn origins. But whatever it was it was sure advanced. The engineers studied the ship thoroughly and found little clues of its origin and how it works.

So they brought it to Dorido to study it more.

"Perhaps, this ship can change our way of thinking of physics," said a recently promoted admiral as he stared through a large window in his office that overlooked the large ship. With him was a Bakorn who was in the same rank as he was.

"Possibly, but we will first have to understand the technology in order to use it." The Bakorn replied.

"Of course, of course..."


That was four years ago, and Admiral Stewarts had now managed a whole fleet of starships that used the same physics as the ship that was discovered four years ago. He ran through a list of starships on his data pad.

USS Pegasus, Andromeda, Odyssey, Iliad and countess others were on the list.

He was drowsy now in the morning and walked to a replicator nearby.

"Coffee, hot." Stewarts said and then walked to his desk. He looked at a different pad and looked at his schedule.

Today was the inauguration of the USS Firestone, the same ship that change the engineers mind about space ships.

Stewarts smiled as he sat down. The Captain was once a lieutenant that served on his ship during the war with the Kargoanski.

He always knew that the man would be a good captain.

Stewarts can only hope.


The media followed the Captain and Admiral and into a small pod.

As they got in Admiral Stewarts turned around and said. "I am sorry. But the ship has no room for anybody else."

Stewarts then put his hand on a large red button and pressed it.

Soon the doors closed in front of him and then the Admiral turned to the ensign.

"Ensign, head toward the Firestone." The Admiral ordered.

The Captain looked at the Admiral. "Sir, do you know what race the ship belongs to?"

"Yre Me Tar, Jamesfield." Stewarts replied. "But it was then claimed by the Kargoanski, who died when a plasma coolant tube leaked."

"Yre Me Tar?" Jamesfield repeated.

The Admiral nodded and then pointed out at the window. "There she is."

Captain Jamesfield was amazed at his first ship. The beauty, the color, the design, it was marvelous.

But then Jamesfield grinned.

The Admiral looked at Jamesfield curiously. "A problem?"

Jamesfield looked at him back. "Firestone, huh?"

"Yes, NCC-5789 USS Firestone." The Admiral responded with a proud smile. "They say it could travel beyond the stars, faster than the wind that blows them through the vast darkness in the night, the crew is worthy to its master, the captain. The mighty captain delivers sweet revenge to enemy ships whose cannons bellow and thunder."

"But the name does not exactly fit in." Ryan protested. "How about...Cosmic 2000."

"It's your ship, name it well and it will echo through the sea." Stewarts replied.

Then the ensign jumped in. "Sir, we have docked beneath Shuttle Bay."

The Admiral walked to the back of the pod and again pressed the red button. The Captain and the Admiral were followed by the ensign.

As soon as the door was completely open, the three walked out and the door closed behind them.

The ensign turned to the right as the Admiral pointed left. "There we go,"

Soon they started walking toward through the hallways. The hallways were clean and were gray. On the ceiling there were lights that were dim. On each side there was a thin line that lit up red during an emergency or battle. The carpet was neat and were regularly cleaned.

After a minute, the two found themselves at the turbolift and the Admiral then ordered the turbolift to Deck 32.

In seconds the door opened and they walked into the new deck.

Jamesfield finally spoke. "Where's the bridge?"
"On Deck 41," Stewarts answered.

Soon they reached another turbolift where they came across a lieutenant.

"Captain," the lieutenant said. "It's a pleasure. I'm Jacques Queray. Are you two

heading to the bridge?"

Suddenly there was a beep coming from Stewarts' communicator.

"Stewarts here." The Admiral said.

"Sir," there was female voice. "A large fleet of Kargoanski ships have crossed the zone destroying three patrol ships. They are the Orion, Millennia and the Thor. All in the Ertens system."

"I'll be right there." Stewarts said. "Stewarts out."

The famous admiral looked at the Captain and said. "You'll go. I have a matter to attend to right now."

Afterwards Jamesfield and Queray walked into the turbolift, as they got in they turned around and faced Admiral Stewarts. "Hope we can meet soon after." The two chorused together, Jamesfield noticed that the other officer was a Frenchman.

"Me too." Stewarts replied. He ran his hand on his pale-skin face and ran it up to his gray hair.

As the door closed they saw the admiral materialize off deck.


The door opened in the bridge and came out Jamesfield and Jacques. An ensign stepped into the middle of the bridge and blew a whistle to signal that the Captain is in the bridge.

The bridge was the workhouse of the Cosmic 2000, there was different controls like the helm and the science that were placed four meters away from the viewer; two black command chairs in the middle; behind the chairs was the Tactical console; there was a security console that was on the on the left corner behind the tactical; there was also a diagram of the ship where ensigns were sometimes stationed that was on the opposite side of security station. The carpet was blue which matched the walls color, which was gray.

Between the security console and the diagram of the ship there was two doors, one led to the turbolift and the other the ready-room.

The captain was soon greeted by his second in command, Commander Kentar Szars, who was a Urtyon or now a Canzar.

He was strong and had a scrape across his forehead that went down his face and around his chin and up his face. Jamesfield knew the Urtyon before at the revolution on the year 2249 as they Starfleet tried to scare off the Cameraws from Narcos I.

Narcos I was Szars home world where he was once killed by a mob of Cameraws who stormed their home. But since the Urtyons had found a healing power generations ago, Szars was brought back to life. However his parents were vaporized.

"Sir, it is an honor to serve under your command." The Urtyon said. He then shook hands and then sat down on his chair.

"Stations," Ryan ordered his crew. "Quarter impulse power. Take us out."

The Cosmic 2000 moved away from its dock and turned toward the gates.

"Half impulse now, McConer." Szars ordered the helmsman.

"Yes sir," the Lieutenant Commander McConer responded as he tapped the controls on the helm console. "We're almost out of Dorido in forty five seconds."

McConer lined the Cosmic 2000 straight toward the large gates that led to the vastness of space or the sea of blackness as Admiral Stewarts said earlier in the day.

Then a dark-haired lieutenant turned around at the Captain. "Sir, incoming transmission from USS Aurora."

Lieutenant Jacques turned around. "The Aurora is a Firestone-class starship. That ship entered service yesterday."

"On viewer, Lieutenant." The Commander ordered.

Soon the screen flashed and there was an image of a few officers and a captain.

The Captain walked closer to his viewer. "Captain John April of the starship Aurora. It is nice to see you finally in command. Well to make it brief, good luck on your voyages."

"Thank you," Ryan responded with a sigh.

"Thank you too," said John April. "April out."

Again the screen went blank until dark-haired lieutenant, Dean Gother, adjusted the viewer to forward view.

"Five seconds till space, sir." McConer reported to the captain. "And...we are...out!"

"Durand?" Ryan said as he tapped his communicator.

"Captain, how is it?" an old male voice was heard through the comm system.

"Good," answered Ryan. "Is the ship ready for warp factor seven?"

"Aye, but we may never what will happen since this is Yre Me Tar technology."

"All right, thanks. Jamesfield out." the captain soon turned to McConer. "Lieutenant Commander, plot a course to the Ertens system."

"Sir, our orders are to-" Lt. Gother turned his chair at the captain.

"Never mind orders!" Ryan shouted at the officer. "There is a Kargoanski fleet in that system that destroyed three of our starships. There is a state of the emergency going on in the Admirals office. We must destroy the enemy before it does more damage to us."

Gother looked at the captain and slowly turned his chair toward his console.

"Plotting course to the Ertens system." Said McConer in a serious voice. "Course laid in, sir. Speed at Warp 6.9."

"Good," Ryan replied in a calmer and more quieter matter. "Engage."

As the Cosmic 2000 leaped into warp, Captain Jamesfield turned toward the officers in the bridge. "Welcome to your new home, everyone."


"How do you think about Ryan stealing the ship?" Jarms, the Cartaur chef, asked Lieutenant Gother.

"I think he's gonna get caught soon, maybe in a week." Answered Dean Gother. "He's doing this to destroy the Kargoanski offensive."

"That is where we are going, I suppose." Jarms replied as he poured a drink that's not found in most replicators into a glass.

"Exactly, it's to destroy an incoming fleet at the Ertens systems." Gother said. "It's all ridiculous."

"Foolish." The Cartaur agreed.

Ryan sat in his quarters looking through the window seeing the stars stretching because of the high speed. Thoughts about his family, the fleet and the ship echoed in his unlimited mind.

As he watched the stars pass his quarters when two beeps sounded on his door.

"Come on in." Ryan said.

The door swished open and came in was a human teenager. He was sobbing miserably and got down on his knees.

The captain looked at him, the boy was familiar to him.

"Kirk? Is that you?" asked Ryan as he moved closer to him.

The boy's head rose up. It was KIRK! Ryan's son.

"What happened?"

Instead of telling him, Kirk handed his father a pad filled with documents.

Captain's Log #1

Stardate 6402.10

It has been an hour since the inauguration of the USS Firestone, or Cosmic 2000. And nothing is going good since. We are currently heading toward the Etern sector to stop a Kargoanski fleet from invading Doridian Space. With the death of my wife, I have more personal things to attend.


In the mess hall, it was dark and the candles burn furiously by the flame on the top. There was one long table that stretched in the middle of the room. The senior crew sat around the table looking at the Captain as he strode in the room.

The noise soon dropped and the speculation rose as he sat at one end of the table

"As you may have heard, my wife was killed." The captain began in a weak voice. "There have been rumors that she died in an accident such as teleporter malfunction or phaser burn. Other rumors included medical reasons. But it wasn't even one of those rumors. But THOSE are rumors, and rumors aren't exactly right...or wrong. She was killed or in terms...assassinated. That is right, she was assassinated by Kargoanski on a shuttle in Manhattan, her hometown.

"As many know that at the war between the Kargoanski that I served under Captain Nicholas Stewarts command on the USS Yorktown. I assassinated Chancellor K'Bla and I have earned the respect of Starfleet, a medal of honor and a Rewui. A Rewui is like a bounty offered by a house who seeks vengeance on a being. So my wife, Maria, was targeted by the House Of Caloe. She is now dead. Dead.

"No one deserves to die like this, unfortunately there people, being that do this. I welcome your offer for dinner, but I need to do something else." Jamesfield stood up and walked out of the room.

Ryan walked through the hallways and heard a voice from his communicator. "Captain, we have picked up a distress signal from a Starfleet ship."

"On my way," said Cpt. Jamesfield in response.


In the bridge there was three officers tapping buttons at different consoles.

Soon Jamesfield walked in. "Report,"

A female officer with blond hair answered. "Sir, we have received a distress signal coming from USS Star Tracker in the Jehova system at sector 08-12-61."

Jamesfield slowly sat in his command chair trying to remember something about the ship Star Tracker. "Wait a minute, Lambert, Lambert."

"Sir?" one of the officers said.

The captain turned his chair at the officer. "Plot a course toward the Jehova system. Red alert, battlestations, every one."

Chapter II

Everyone was at their station preparing for orders. Red lights shone in the bridge, the hallways and sickbay.

Since Zoron wasn't onboard, Gother took control of Tactical until they get the Bakorn onboard.

"Captain," Gother said. "I'm picking up two Kargoanski warships and one Starfleet ship, the Star Tracker."

Soon the viewer was on and there was two Kargoanski warships and a Starfleet ship, the Star Tracker.

The Star Tracker was a science vessel and had four warp engines connected to the science section where there was engineering, offices and science stations. This section was connected to the saucer where there was living quarters and the bridge.

The warships were very different in design, they had a small oval section with two long antennas sticking out. The oval section is connected with a rectangular shaped part that led to the hull section The hull section was large with massive warp engines on the sides and the impulse engines on the aft part of the hull.

Lt. Queray swiveled his chair and stopped to face Cpt. Jamesfield. "Sir, the Star Tracker is a scientific research ship. It has weak weapons but high shields. Still, the Star Tracker is helpless to a Kargoanski warship, especially two."

"Gother, arm phasers at Level 3." Jamesfield ordered as the lieutenant tapped his fingers on the tactical console. "Fire!"

A red beam spewed out of a cannon and shot at one of the warships. But it was stopped by the shields and did little damage.

"Sir, their shields are holding at full power!" Gother yelled out.

On the viewer there was the two warships shifting their course toward the Cosmic 2000, their torpedo cannons were slowly opening with a bright green light inside.

Then three green balls shot out of the torpedo cannons and were directed at the renegade ship.

Soon the ship shook and everyone was thrown off their seats and stations. Sparks flying everywhere and everyone ducked in cover.

Cpt. Jamesfield rose up on his chair and looked at his small computer panel.

"We've lost shields on the starboard, elsewhere is seventy percent. Damage to Deck 13 Section Delta and on Deck 14." Jamesfield reported as everyone else staggered to their seats. "We have also lost helm control."

"Lieutenant," Ryan called on Gother. "Take control of helm using the Tactical console."

"Aye," Dean responded "Switching to helm."

"All right, plot course to- just get us out of here," the Captain said.

Leaving the bridge, the captain walked to his ready room. "Szars you have the bridge."

Captain's Log Supplemental

We have damage to the ship after a confrontation with two Kargoanski warships while attempting to save the starship Star Tracker. But I am not quite sure if we are successful or have failed.


The doors to Sickbay were opened with a swish as Jamesfield entered the room. He was then stopped by the chief doctor, Doctor Commander Joan Chelsea.

'Captain," she said as soon a the door closed behind him. "It seems that the Kargoanski boarded their ship and killed most of them. We only had picked fifty survivors and most of them were badly burned by the disrupters."

Joan walked toward a bed that was by the Medical Research console that was on the corner. "But I think there is someone else who can tell you what had happened.

On the bed there was Chris Lambert lying with blood leaking down from his.

Jamesfield looked at his cousin who was the Chief of Security onboard the USS Star Tracker. " bad. I couldn't make it to your inauguration." Lambert muttered softly. "Your doc' said I'll make it."

"That will be good news." Jamesfield replied. "But I have to ask you something. What happened?"

The Chief looked at Jamesfield. "I don't know. I remember hearing the klaxon, so I rushed off to the bridge as I was playing shoot-out with the Kargoanski. Thanks to your teleporter chief, I was teleported off the ship when I was seconds away from being vaporized by a Kargoanski."

Jamesfield walked around the bed but still kept his eye on his cousin. "Your ship is a research vessel, so what was your mission?"

"Mission?" Chris repeated weakly. "We were heading for Dorido, that is all I know. Why are asking?"

Jamesfield stopped walking. "Look, there is a large Kargoanski fleet in the Ertens sector. We need to stop them or many lives would be lost. I need information about their offensives, about the Ertens system and what you were researching on!"

Chris turned his face away from Ryan. "The Ertens system contains a planet, Ertens Three, that has a special kind of gas in the atmosphere. This gas is called malithium, it's newly discovered, and it is very flammable. Malithium is also the power used on Kargoanski warship and sometimes in their..."

He stopped and gazed up in the ceiling.

"What is it?" Jamesfield suddenly raised his voice.

Chris didn't responded, but he still was breathing.

"Doctor, come here," The captain called on Joan.

Soon she turned around and grabbed her medical tricorder and started scanning Chris. "Not good, internal bleeding in the artery. He will die in minutes. I will try to heal it, but it is bleeding rapidly."

Joan turned to drop her tricorder and then grabbed the bed. She quickly pushed the bed around and stopped it was by the Extensive Healing machine.

Afterwards she lined the bed straight with one of the large holes on the machine. Joan then slide Chris into the hole and then closed him in. The doctor pushed the bed aside, and walked to the controls of the machine.

As Jamesfield followed her to the controls she tapped the buttons aggressively and muttered. "I hope I'm not too late."

After she tapped a series of buttons, a cold female voice from the computer spoke. "Healing procedures commenced."

In seconds, Joan drew her hands off the controls.

A tear dropped from her eyes as she walked away. Jamesfield knew the doctor hated to lose a patient and it just happened.

Jamesfield then left Sickbay with a grim expression on his face.


As soon as Jamesfield walked into the bridge, he headed toward Jacques.

"Lieutenant, what is the source of power on Kargoanski ships?" asked Ryan, even though he knew the answer.

"Malithium, sir." The science officer answered. "It is also used in their weapons, especially for torpedoes."

Jamesfield snapped his fingers. "Yes, can we upgrade the quantum torpedoes to malithium torpedoes?"

"Possibly," Queray replied. "But ask Durand, he'll know."

Ryan turned around and headed toward the turbolift as he tapped his communicator. "Durand?"

"Aye," came an old, familiar voice.

"Meet me at torpedo bay three." Replied Ryan as he got into the turbolift. "Jamesfield out."


The room was filled with both quantum and neutron torpedoes.

Jamesfield was amazed as he walked through the rows of the torpedoes.

Each one was black when they weren't used, but when fired out of the cannons they shine in two colors. The quantum torpedoes were blue like the sea as the neutron were orange like the fruit. But how would malithium torpedoes look in space.

Jamesfield knew there was another torpedo in the making called the Plasma torpedoes. These are filled with plasma coolant and explosives and these torpedoes are to replace the neutron torpedoes.

"Captain!" he heard a voice meters away.

Jamesfield turned around to see Durand. "Oh yes, is it possible to upgrade the quantum or neutron torpedoes into malithium."

"Might," Durand replied. He was short with gray hair but was very healthy. "But if the shields are down and someone fires on the torpedo bay, the Firestone will explode in seconds."

"Risk is part of the game, how long will upgrade the torpedoes."

"All of them will take...over an hour." Durand replied.

"Excellent," Ryan exclaimed. "Jamesfield to bridge."

"Szars here," the commander responded.

Jamesfield grinned. "Set course to the Ertens systems, warp factor 2. Jamesfield out."

Ryan turned to Durand. "Well than, I suggest you hop to it."

Durand turned around and left the torpedo bay.

Now Jamesfield tapped his communicator. "Doctor, are you there?"

"Yes," Joan replied.

"How is it going? More dead?" asked Ryan.

"Actually there is more dead. There is only three survivors out of fifty, these are the times that I wish I was somebody else." The doctor said. Jamesfield can hear the mournful tune in her voice.

"Well, I suggest you empty sickbay because you might be taken in with more wounded." The captain suggested. "Jamesfield out."

Now Ryan was alone and he walked toward one the torpedoes. On the torpedo there was the Doridian Enterprises logo where under it was the word STARFLEET.

He knew Starfleet will catch him sooner or later or at times he will least expect it.

Chapter III

Captain's Log

Stardate 6402.11

As captain of the Excelsior we are on our way to find the USS Firestone. A ship commanded by Cpt. Ryan S. Jamesfield. Long range sensors show that the ship is currently headed for the Ertens system at Warp 2. We have been sent by Admiral Nicholas Stewarts to search for the ship.


The Excelsior was an awfully advanced ship, it had a massive hull which had a whole section that carried its massive warp engines. The saucer was perfectly round with four phaser banks in small holes.

The captain of the ship sat on his chair reading reports that he received from his officers and then looked up at one of the officers who sat on the Comm. console in front him.

"Lieutenant, inform the Admiral that we know the where the Firestone is headed and its whereabouts." Ordered the captain in a firm voice.

"Aye," one of the officer's said in a squeaky voice. The officer had orange skin and was very distinct by his large eyes with the small pupils.

"Sir! A warship has just dropped out of warp, they have armed weapons. They are Kargoanskis."

Another officer shouted.

The captain rose up from his chair. "Red Alert! Rise shields! Arm quantum torpedoes. Hail them."

Soon the bridge was dark and the red lights went on as the klaxon sounded out loud.

The alien tapped the controls rapidly and then frowned. "No response."

The other officer stared at the sensor readouts and then raised his head. "Captain, they are firing."

Quickly, the captain sat back down and held tightly. "Brace yourselves."

Two torpedoes slammed into the hull near the deflector. The Excelsior veered off course sending everyone of their seats, everyone except the alien.

Some of the controls were on fire and many were dead or wounded. But the captain managed to stay alive and sat on his chair. "Report."

"Emergency forcefields in place at section Beta on Decks 7, 8 and 9. Seventy two dead and eighty nine wounded. Shield at twelve percent."

"How many are well?" the captain asked.


The captain cursed. "Weapons? Warp engines?"

The alien continued to read the readouts. "All off- Sir, they're firing."

"She was a good ship." The captain said as the torpedoes slammed the starboard part of the ship. The Excelsior again spun around before exploding into millions of pieces


Admiral Stewarts sat on his chair in his office on his computer.

"Two messages, Admiral." A female voice spoke from the computer.

On the screen popped two files.

"Computer, open file from USS Excelsior." Said Admiral Stewarts.

The same voice was heard. "Opened, text only."

On the small computer screen there was two paragraphs that read:


Our Whereabouts: Sector Yertu on coordinates 45.7221.0

Firestone Whereabouts: Heading toward Ertens system in Alagoa Sector.


Stewarts wondered why Jamesfield would want to go to the Ertens, but then he thought of something.

"Computer, give me Lieutenant O'bajara on the comm line." Said Stewarts.

"Line established." The computer said.

"Admiral?" a different female voice spoke through the comm system.

Stewarts sat back on his chair with a baseball on his hand. "Would you tell me what system and sector was the USS Millennia, Thor and the Orion destroyed in?"

"They were destroyed in the Ertens system in the-"

"- Alagoa sector. Thank you." The Admiral finished off.

"Sir, to inform you about the Excelsior disaster in the Yertu sector." Said Lt. O'bajara.

"Excelsior disaster? I just received a message from that ship. They were in coordinates four five point seven two two one point zero." Stewarts rose from his chair. "What happened?"

"Lost with all hands, sir, to a Kargoanski warship." O'bajara replied. "Orders?"

Stewarts growled. "Issue a red alert. Prepare for invasion and have the fleet ready to go to the Ertens system, the source of the invasion."


The lights still shone red on the Cosmic 2000, and the fear tingled in everyone's mind as they approached the Ertens systems.

The bridge was quiet until Gother broke the silence. "Sir, we have arrived at the Ertens system. Sensors are picking up a massive Kargoanski fleet that consists of twenty warships, a dozen scouts and a cruiser."

Jamesfield calmly sat on his chair. "Raise shields, power weapons."

"Aye," Gother responded quietly.

Commander Szars looked at the Captain. "Sir, we must turn back. If two warship bruise us, imagine what twenty warships can do to us. We must turn back."

"Captain, long-range sensors are picking up a large group of warp signatures. They appear to be Starfleet." Gother said.

"Evacuate ship, everybody." Szars ordered without the captain's approval.

"NO!!" Jamesfield shouted. "We shall not leave, we shall fight until we can no longer fight. What should die, should die! We will get on our knees later but not now! Risk is part of the game, if you want to be in..."

The captain sounded more like a war hero than a Starfleet officer. His face was red with anger.

Then suddenly the ship shook violently and everyone ran to their stations.

Ryan tapped his communicator. "Durand, those torpedoes?"

"All ready to go!" Durand exclaimed in a joyful mood."

"Good job. Jamesfield out." Ryan then turn to Gother. "Get those torpedoes ready."

"Aye," the tactical officer replied. "Torpedoes armed."

Again the Cosmic 2000 shook violently making someone roll on the deck.

"Fire!" Jamesfield ordered.

Torpedoes in the color of a tulip were vomited by one of the cannons. They came out and starting flying at the Kargoanskis. As the large explosions erupted through out their ships.

The cruiser, which was a new type, had better shields and more power to the phaser and could withstand the punch delivered by the malithium torpedoes.

"-the mighty captain delivers sweet revenge to the enemy ships whose cannons bellow and thunder." Jamesfield repeated the Admiral words. "And I'm the them."

Gother turned to the Captain. "Twenty Starfleet ships has entered the system."

As soon as the twenty Starfleet ships dropped out of warp, they started weapons fire at the Kargoanski scouts who came in as they fired their phasers.

The cruiser was very advanced with four special warp engines on hull. The warp engines were on the sides of the ships. Two up and two down. On the aft there was the powerful impulse engines. On the front there was a section where there was the living quarters and the bridge and sickbay. The cruiser also had two wings on the sides with a laser canon each.

One ship, USS Nomad, (a Nomad Class with a large bird-head section which had a wing on it that carried four warp engines, two on each side.

In an instance, the cruiser returned fire as the Nomad shook with its shields failing and finally exploded in a ball of fire which melted away in the coldness of space.

"Help is now here, folks." Ryan exclaimed in a joyful mood. "How much ships we disabled?"

"Four warships, minimal damage to cruiser and three scouts-" the tactical officer tried to answer but Queray cut him off.

"Sir," Queray shouted to the captain as the Cosmic 2000 rocked with phasers raking it and torpedoes slamming into the powerful shields. "I'm reading a large quantum singularity...a black hole the size of our deflector dish."

Jamesfield looked at him. "Distance?"

"Over eight million miles off the bow." Jacques' head was thrown up and down over his console. "But it's growing rapidly and it is now the size of the...ship!"

Szars ran to Queray's console and stared at the readouts. "He's right, we gotta get out of here. It would suck everything in the sector in a matter of minutes, then it might start to collapse. It is just to early to tell."

"Turn about and full impulse out of here." Jamesfield ordered out loud.

Gother complied. "Aye,"

The Cosmic 2000 turned slowly on the impulse drive only to face the Starship Honshu, a large but very maneuverable with its and large wings that drooped down that connected to its warp engines.

All of a sudden the Honshu fired torpedoes at the Cosmic 2000, which made it rock up and down aggressively.

"Sir, that was the Honshu." Said Gother out loud.

"Honshu," Jamesfield repeated as he sat on chair. "Fire back!"

"Sir," Gother responded with a quizzical look.

"That's an order, Lieutenant." Ryan quickly replied.

Out of one of the forward torpedo tubes, the torpedo maneuvered up toward the saucer section hitting the bridge module after it ripped through the shields.

Gother drew his hands off the controls and looked at the readouts:


USS Honshu:

Shields: gone

Warp engines: off-line

Weaponry: off-line

Life support: off-line

Critical damage points: Deck 19, 20 have been damaged critically.


Gother frown and he couldn't believe he fired at a Doridian ship.

"Captain," Jacques turned around to face the captain. "The black hole has a large gravitational pull and can only be escaped from by sending the ship into warp factor 9, sir."

"Warp 9," repeated Jamesfield. "This ship is not ready to go into such a speed. Will Warp 7 do?"

Queray shook his head sideways. "No, as you said before, 'risk is part of the game'."

He was right. Jamesfield thought. "All right, but first I have to quickly do something." Jamesfield quickly tapped his communicator. "Harrison?"

"Durand here."

"Is this ship ready for Warp 9?" asked Ryan in a calm voice.

"Negative, we have a good chance to overload the warp drive." The Engineer responded. "If they overload there would be a massive energy burst?"

"Well, we got to do it. We have to in order to escape a black hole." Cpt. Jamesfield responded. "Evacuate Engineering, just in case anything else goes wrong. Jamesfield out."

An officer at the security console finally spoke. "Engineering is at Red Alert type three. The whole deck is evacuated-"

"Three Starfleet ships and the whole Kargoanski fleet is gone sir." Queray interrupted in loud voice. "The rest is struggling to get out."

Soon the viewer had an image of the black hole, it was large and shaped like a pinwheel. The center was black as the rest were blue and white.

The ship shook more violently than before throwing everyone of their seats.

"Lieutenant, Warp 9!" Ryan ordered as he was catapulted from his seat.

Gother staggered on his controls as he did he grunted. He sat back on his wiping the sweat from his face and then leaned forward as he started his fingers racing time on the controls.

"Warp 9, ready to go." Gother breathed out, he pushed a button and the ship's warp drive started working on maximum power.

As the Cosmic 2000 sped, the forces reacting to the ship was great. Everyone flew back to the bridge and everyone shouting at each other.

"Hull integrity at twenty percent and dropping." The cold voice again spoke. "Shutting down warp engines."

All of a sudden, the ship stopped and everyone dropped to the floor.

Jamesfield looked up and he knew they were safe.


Admirals Log

Stardate 6402.11

We had half of the fleet reach the Ertens, but we've had reports a black hole erupted in fury over there. All ships were destroyed and currently I do not think that the USS Firestone survived the incredible ordeal. I'm dispatching the Ayers to search for that ship, however.

We can only hope...




Copyright 1998 by Alex Lanoszka

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