Aphelion Issue 293, Volume 28
September 2023
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Creatures Of Another Sun

by Timothy Wilkie

Every impulse of light exploding from the core. Each body having its own time and place in an expanding universe where everything was racing away from each other never to meet again. A twist in space-time. A Mobius Strip. A black hole without an event horizon, a twist in the fabric of reality. She could not stem the tide of blood.

Her eyelids were completely clear as were the others of her species. They were like looking through glass. She was blue in color under the rays of the yellow sun. Seeing that she breathed through scaly vents running along the sides of her neck. Her breathing was rapid, transition on to another plane by way of the Soliton was always difficult.

Her ship was a tiny glass ball and inside was a membranous egg. Coils and magnets protected her from huge insects hunted by equally large fiddle shaped birds that inhabited the borders zones. Since her ship could change the shape of atoms, the building blocks of matter, her physical structure was just an illusion. Transmitters hummed and she listened and understood. Water, liquid H2O without salt. She violated this new world, but not the multiverse. Because as she knew so well nothing comes into the multiverse and nothing ever leaves it. Energy could not be destroyed, it could only be redirected to things like conductors, semiconductors, and superconductors. What she knew was always to put the wave first because without her there was no understanding. The multiverse was entropy.

She watched as the huge beetle-like creatures were attacked by large, vicious, violin shaped birds. Their long necks and dagger shaped beaks whipped around and pierced the large insects right through their shells and swallowed them down in one gulp as the autumn soil half frozen continued through the portal.

She crossed into the fields of row after row of corn so tall as to be seeking permission from the earth itself to pop its cherry and take her virginity. A murder of crows shot up from the ground and blackened the sky as the mist wept and all that was left was the flapping of their gigantic wings. The game was sought, and she was flush with the hunt.

She lived in lies and died in truth. These creatures dreamed which left them wide open for attack. Looking out to the horizon she saw no potential. “Close your eyes my little ones," she whispered. Her species could not dream because they did not sleep. Their eyes scanned the fourth dimension constantly. Looking through their clear eyelids was like looking into dual fourth dimensional mirrors. Time was not linear for them. It was happening all at once and took constant supervision to keep it on track.

She entered the plane of existence like an orb of light and at that exact moment she was given a soul and a physical shape. A ball of electromagnetic energy hovering a few feet above the corn. She was appalled by linear time. It was limiting her access to this world.

The biological creature came right at her through a short linear strand of space-time. It was a gendered based species and this one was a young male. The lesser creatures parted their way as the ground seemed to accept his mass willingly. The ones that brushed against his legs were flora and fauna, yet he was not. He was purely warm blooded and oxygen breathing.

The setting sun dipped below the horizon while every fiber of her being cried out alien. There was a time to run and a time to fight. It was humanity's time to fight. Her senses were wide awake. He was the enemy, and he was approaching.

This was unlike her own world: it was harsh yet beautiful. The sky was a deep blue with a faint pink glow. Her orb inclined to the right and then to the left. Her transmitters hummed with burning fires of a slanderous tongue. She could read his subconscious by invading his dreams.

There were two heavenly bodies that ruled this sphere. A sun and a moon. He was cold to the touch like stone. He stood there alone, his dark eyes were staring right at her, but he could not see her. There was a duality to her form. She was like the yellow rays of the sun. She was both particle and wave-like.

The wind blew through her, and the stalks of corn waved back and forth. They trembled in anticipation at the prospect of their pollen being spread. In the blink of an eye, she was gone. He was dangerous to pure energy like herself. There was beauty in the sunset’s glow. This creature was indeed strange to her. When her species was done with this world it would be nothing but another ugly, lifeless, sphere.

What a strange concoction!

What a hideous paradox!

The truth of the multiverse was that black was not always black and white was not always white. Black was the absorption of light and white was the reflection. Under this yellow sun this boy child slept as she wandered around his subconscious.

The twilight rays of their setting sun slanted across the land. She waited for the darkness to play itself out in light and shadows. Ghostly echoes spoke to her from his DNA. These creatures were blissfully unaware they were being judged. They were violent creatures. Life conceived out of turmoil. She could not allow them to exist. The seed of love would never thrive in this species, so she departed with a kiss upon his lips and returned to the sun where the others were waiting. The minute she returned they all began to vibrate faster and faster, hotter and hotter until the nuclear fires burned too hot to contain. In time it would grow larger consuming the entire system planet by planet and then implode creating yet another portal for weary creatures of another sun.


2024 Timothy Wilkie

Bio: Timothy Wilkie is a local hero in the Hudson Valley. From his music to his art and storytelling. He's an old hippy and a storyteller in the truest sense of the word. He has two grown sons and loves to spend time with them. His writing credits include Aphelion, Horror-zine, Dark Dossier and many more.

E-mail: Timothy Wilkie

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