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December 2022/January 2023
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They Found Me

by Robin Lipinski

I was huffing and puffing, a sign of old age for some people and also a signature sound for those people who drink too much soda, munching on potato chips while moving around the exercise machine gathering dust in the living room. I, however, was huffing and puffing because I am very old.

"How old?" you may ask. Well, I am very, very old. So old, I was there at the beginning. "The beginning of what?" you now wonder, as already, the story has barely begun yet the questions start popping up faster than mushrooms after a fall rain. I guess I better start at a beginning you can understand.

Have you ever wondered what was around before there ever were humans? Or for that matter, have you ever wondered what was around before there were planets, stars and all those wonderful things you now take for granted?

Scientists have come up with some answers to those questions that range from apes to a big bang theory. Some religions have come up with some answers to those questions that range from apples to people being turned into salt by a deity that can get somewhat cranky at times. Some other people have come up with some answers to those questions that range from crazy to beyond comprehension. And some people could care less, as long as the plumbing in their home works, and their life remains the way they want it too. I don't have to come up with some of those answers as I was there in the beginning...

"Oh come on now, you expect us to believe this malarkey?" some readers said, as they are wondering what kind of con is being pulled on them now. Rest assured, now that I'm currently huffing and puffing, the end is near, so I can truly spill the beans.

Here it goes. Hold on to your sanity and I highly suggest you don't operate heavy equipment or drive any motorized vehicle for at least five hours after reading this. In this day and age of legal litigation, I thought I would mention it so that innocent people don't get hurt from your coming dazed condition.

Nothing existed. Not matter. Not energy. Not you. Not me. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, one minus one, there was absolutely no thought, expression, good, bad, right, wrong, or even taxes. It was wonderful because while there was nothing, there was my creator.

"Wait a minute. You just said there was nothing and now you're saying there was a creator?" A smarty know-it-all reader proudly exclaimed, as if his primitive neuron, synapse firing, mass of primitive goo is smarter than I am. Ah, your species is so primitive yet I find it amazing that some sparks of brilliance flitter out of your mind once in awhile, but I digress.

In the beginning, there was nothing that any human could debate, recognize or even partially comprehend. Some would come close by saying it was another dimension but that would only be close.

Rest assured there were no planets or anything remotely like what we have today except for one little, teeny, weeny, fact. Our neighbor (creator) existed.

I warned you but once started, we have to continue. Sorta like the big bang. Once the box is open, there is no stopping the resulting chaos.

Our neighbor was like our Universe in many ways. There were black holes, worm holes, gombit matrices, comets, planets, suns, "halo" conundrum, and all the rest. There came with all that, a whole infinity worth of species that ranged from intelligent to jello. The whole combination made up the creator. You can now see how easy it is for some religions to come up with the idea for God, god, gods.

In case you did not know this, science is also a religion as is most of what mankind embraces. Your species is very predictable and follows a very obvious path of choice. To make it simple, if you replace God, god, gods with Professor, Doctor, President, Husband, Wife, you see that when it winds down the path, there is the good and bad in it all. There is the respected one and the vile one, the accepted pattern, the accepted norm, the rules... but, since my time is now very short, I better continue.

In the beginning, our neighbor was a vast Universe. Some would say there was no end. And they too, had a beginning. They too, had a neighbor.

Your earth scientists have watched stars explode via the telescopes you all are so proud of. The Hubble is just one example. They have discovered moons, planets and are making vast strides in discovery (much to my current misery of huffing and puffing.) They hypothesize, speculate, wonder, debate, and actually have a good idea once in a while. Of course, they wonder where it all began and spend vast amounts of time trying to make sense of it all. They are not alone, as our neighbor had scientists who did the same as did their neighbor and their neighbor on down the line.

While your scientists come up with ideas for micro-wave ovens, cell phones and baby formula that babies will actually eat, they also come up with theories about black holes and other natural phenomena. Like I said, they are making progress, but they still are a far way from discovering how I came about or how anything came to be.

Our neighbor (creator) was a vast Universe that seemed chaotic and random, such as what humanity and our Universe currently are like. There was and is, however, a clock-work like mechanism in place, a plan or blueprint being followed. One 'day', when the time was 'right', the stars aligned and with a time paradox, a massive convergence of multiple solar systems, a couple of "halo" conundrums stacking against a gigantic wave of narrowing black holes, plus a dusting of anti-matter, and "Voilą!" a new Universe and also, me.

All the known and unknown of this Universe is because of our neighbor. We are currently in the position they were before all the fireworks took place. I'm not saying our neighbor was destroyed, because I'm not allowed to tell you what happened to them or all the other neighbors of infinity. Heck, if I'm not allowed to tell you that, I sure am not allowed to be telling you about your beginning. But since I have been caught and I definitely do not like to huff and puff, I'm going to tell you what happened to our neighbor and to hell with the consequences!

After the 'day', for our neighbor, big changes came for that Universe. It still was a large Universe filled with infinity, but a new material, a new idea took form as a result of the "Voilą!" It became what its neighbors and neighbors before had become. It became conscious as a whole. It became another part of the bigger picture. It also was the father or mother or scientist or God or whatever you wish to call it, to this Universe.

"There it is!" yelled one middle-aged man wearing a white lab coat.

"Where is it?" replied a seductively beautiful young woman wearing a white lab coat in a way much better than her partner.

"It was hovering next to the computer a second ago. There! It is moving down the hall."

Oh crap. Here we go again. I really hate this huffing and puffing. Just wait a few seconds and I'll be getting back to the story soon.

"Where did it go?" A perplexed member of the group of scientists muttered as they all were milling about the complex trying to find me.

The beautiful woman was working up a sweat which most men would find more fascinating than chasing me around in circles. She had decided to sit for a few minutes to gather her breath and then decide on her next course of action. While I'm above sexual attraction, it was nice to see that your species was evolving nicely. It was not nice to see that the woman had decided to sit below me while I hovered above her next to the steam pipes. I promised to continue with the story in a few seconds and so, to be true to my word, I will continue, but I will have to whisper.

I was there in the beginning as I was a part of the neighbor. I exist in all the other neighbors Universe and I am necessary as it is through me that this Universe will have its "Voilą!" Many species have tried to find me and in a way, they have, albeit in a way that is actually a process of faith more than fact.

In case your mind is one of the few that have not glazed over and you're not having a desire to go out and drive a car or operate a crane or bull-dozer, you are one of the lucky ones. You are getting an answer from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak. This is the answer to "Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?" and all those other crazy questions intelligent species always seem to get hung up over.

I am here, because I have to be, which is also why you are here. You are here because you are needed. Everything is needed. There is no waste in any Universe of infinity. There seems to be chaos, but that is because the viewer is not yet knowledgeable of true reason.

"OK, we get it. You are a floating something that is capable of telling a story. You are using a bunch of words to say some crazy stuff about crazy stuff. So, just what the hell are you?" Some of the same ornery readers just asked.

Who am I? That is a fair question. First, I'm in big trouble, as I have broken the rules of my kind by getting involved with your species. For that, my existence is now in doubt. Second, I'm sealing my doom by saying that I am you. Yes, you read correctly. I am you and your neighbor. I am the plants, rocks, doggy doo, smoke, tree, water, world, galaxy, the whole Universe. I am the whole consciousness from the neighboring Universe that experienced the "Voilą!"

This Universe is not yet ready to go through the "Voilą!" as the clock-work mechanism is not ready for that yet. Trust me, that one day it and you will be.

I am here to guide and help in the whole process just as I, and others like me, have been in every Universe there was and will be. And while I am able to answer many questions, even those that seem impossible to answer such as, where do all the missing socks in the dryer go? Or, why do parents always say no? I still answer to another. Who has even better answers and better questions, but will not be made known to you until the final Universe has its "Voilą!"

The young woman scientist had rested enough, and chanced to look above her, as she swore she heard whispering. "I see it!" she yelled to notify her partners in science. And it was off to the races for me again.

Round and round we went. I zipped there, they ran there. I zipped here, they ran here. I flittered down one hallway after another, yet this time I could not escape. I even went through walls, down pipes and through filters, but they hounded me like hungry wolves. Scientists may seem cool, calm, and collected, but give them a positive reaction or result, and they foam at the mouth. Finding me was definitely the find of a lifetime.

The complex mankind had built here was massive. It was one of the most powerful things mankind had devised. I take partial responsibility but I also am huffing and puffing and I'm running out of energy, so what good am I.

This place of scientific wonder was located in a border area called the Swiss-Franco near Geneva Switzerland. It was a monumental scientific piece of equipment called the Large Hadron Collider. Scientists had been looking for more answers and had devised a very interesting piece of equipment. They were hoping to find evidence of something more. Some even called the particle they were looking for, the God particle. Well, they found something, and that something was me. I was not supposed to be found as what they built could only find mundane, boring particles called quarks and other little surprises for them. What was a big surprise for me was that they found me.

They would not have succeeded in finding me if there had not been that lightning storm that hammered the electric system and supercharged the experiment at the exact same time a major thrust of the experiment was taking place. Plus, a large black cat had made its way into the complex of the circular tunnel at the same time, which allowed me to be released while the poor cat was vaporized. You could not repeat the experiment in a billion years. Call it luck or fate. I call it part of the clock-work mechanism that is needed for this Universe to evolve to the level of "Voilą!"

"We got it trapped now," a smiling scientist beamed.

"Yeah, it has nowhere to go," his partner said.

"It is so beautiful," the beautiful female scientist exclaimed.

Yes, it is true. I had nowhere to go. My energy level was low as I had expended a lot of energy maintaining a presence in your story. Plus, with my huffing and puffing nearing the end, I had to answer for my crime. Or was it necessary for me to tell the story, to break the rules?

Smile humanity. You have won a victory. You have found me. The actual, irrefutable evidence now exists for many of your doubting minds. My discovery will change your world. You will now find new questions to ask, and one day you will be ready. That day is not today. It is not tomorrow. It is one day. And with that, I'm gone, as you can see, but trust me: I am in you.


© 2011 Robin Lipinski

Bio: Robin B. Lipinski claims to be addicted to writing. It helps that his good dreams are other people's nightmares. There is not much to know about him other than he shares this planet with you and others. (This bio cribbed from the one attached to Mr. Lipinski's poem Teacher of Learn in the August 2011 Aphelion.) Mr. Lipinski has posted many poems in the Aphelion Forum, sometimes as comments or responses to comments, sometimes just because he is, as it turns out, really addicted to writing.

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