Technology Intelligence Robots

By Jack Abbasi

My name is Master Chuck TI Campus. The middle initial of TI is used to indicate that Iím robot. Also, Iím given the classification in animating and creative profession of Technology Intelligence. Title of Master is given because Iím unmarried. Iím having a friendly gossip with my colleague who lives adjacent to my dormitory room #G5724 on 50th floor. Weíre in large study room with 6 dozen displaying equipment of varying sizes from wall size to 12 inch size. Users get virtual news. Users play lottery---fun games---war games. Many evenings, all displays are used to find solutions in virtual reality demonstrations---get real-world solutions ---engineering designs from weapon against asteroids down to the reconfiguration of consciousness network in our brain.

In past 600 years there has been not a single war or any regional conflict. Itís then we TI robots were created. I really mean weíre born in this world of humans. I beam with huge pride whenever I read our history of whatever things we disciplined TI robots had accomplished for past 6 centuries. Unfortunately, in near time horizon, some crazy war is ominous.

Happily married for 125 years, my colleague is Mister Bob TI Boost. His robot title of Mister is used because heís married. Name of his attractive robotic wife is Mrs. Cathy TI Charm. Shortly Cathy comes to study room followed by my comely girlfriend with robotic name of Ms Dottie TI Dwell. All four of us are slender and have a height between 5 ft 7 in and 5 ft 10 in. Iím the shortest and Cathy is the tallest. Weíre well muscled---exercising 5 times a week in campus gym.

We continued to gossip on academic behavior of human faculty. Majority of human faculty vocally had attacked our teaching responsibility. Every United Nations Day, they get grouped, and shouted, "TI robots should not give one-to-one educational assistance to student."

When forty student joined our informal talk, Mister Bob TI Boost stood up to sweep his gaze at everyone of us---upright posture while subtly weaving his arms to emphasize key

points---as if talking to each of us. He said, "In past 50 years, human professors formed violent alliance against our TI robots. A wall to separate us from them was built in every campus faculty club---each side conducted secret manipulation of brain functionality ---we then followed by our defensive countermeasures. We never launched an offensive assault---not to pre-empty destruction of human brain of any professor."

Bob paused to exchange nodding of heads with his wife. He continued to speak, "Every year on Presidentís day, human faculty resolved and chose awful way not to change its anti-robot course of action. Keep up intent to destroy our TI brain. Itís all over again, wasteful reality of the cold war. This cold war is the second time in our world history. Now itís with Mutually Assured Destruction of each other brain. Student usually sides with us on ever expanding MAD doctrine. In last faculty meeting when I finished my talk on MAD, I asked if there is any question. After a drawn-out silence, I opened my mouth wide to say. O great! I assume your answer is outright none. Meeting ended abruptly." He sat down confidently and humbly.

I turned my attention to Bobís wife, Cathy. Every time any conversation taken up with MAD, Cathy gets into a state of uneasiness and depression. Her grimace mingle with spells of jittery laughter during pauses in every MAD dialogues. One time when my girlfriend, Dottie asked Cathy about her fidgety and uneasy habit, Cathy replied, "I just feel that next day someone crazy will push red button to trigger the MAD war. I do worry about it. I want to live way into our future. Especially, when my technology project on destroying Master Gene TI Gipper asteroid will be tested. I will obliterate it when it comes close to earth. It should be here in 20 years. This MAD war would destroy us before Gipper asteroid gets here---drives me crazy about my karma."

Gazing at a group of my student, I said, "My human student seem satisfied to get academic help from me. Itís true every semester. My guidance on their homework is appreciated. I got Ďem well prepared for next week final exams. My human professor wasnít happy. Heís outright selfish about his assertion in classroom. He thinks that I achieved higher status than him." Weíd the very broad freedom of speech. No student paid any attention to my attack on their professor.

After gazing ardently at her student, Cathy stood up. She said, "I taught my student to get the guesswork out of asteroid technology project. Instead be precise to protect against Gipper asteroid. As you know, I also teach my student how to design and develop a family of smart sensors for Kinetic Energy Wrecker---housed with nano-nano-micro sized sensors---100 different type of precision eyes and ears. These sensors make KEW to hit Gipper asteroid at zero miss distance. You canít get better bullís eye than that! Student finished successfully asteroid testing in space. Itís shown that 25 KEWs knocked to pieces the asteroid that replicated Gipper asteroid. Replication in size was 5 times bigger. Its speed was replicated at 250 mach. This monstrosity velocity, you should know, is 250 times faster than the speed of sound. My students and I were overwhelmed at pinpoint accuracy. Weíre a dozen years ahead on test and evaluation schedule. Our development is noteworthy and serviceable. Itís totally modular for overnight usage if overnight thereís a threat of collision from unexpected comet."

One of her student asked, "Whatís practical theory that mini KEW can disintegrate a huge mass of asteroid? Itís smaller than a football. How can it kill a huge monster?"

Cathy answered calmly, "The theory is that KEW mass multiplied with its velocity squared---velocity at 200-mach---provides more than ample kinetic energy. This is extreme KEW velocity ---we call it interplanetary hypervelocity. Itís this interplanetary hypervelocity that wrecks your monster."

Second student said, "We know on 9/11/01 day, 4 planes were hijacked, and flown into 3 buildings. A fourth wide body plane was driven to the ground. In these 4 impacts, same theory on aircraft mass and squared velocity applies?"

Cathy answered, " Yes, thereís this difference. You should know each hijacked plane carried basically the fuel as a bomb---exploding to all that huge flame and causing secondary explosions. Mini KEW does not carry any bomb or ordinance. Its 200-mach speed does the job if the impact is direct. You realize thereís another part to this total kinetic energy equation. For more kinetic energy, you take into account Gipper asteroidís mass and its velocity squared. Itís obvious, building exploding from hijacked plane impact had zero velocity. The ground obviously stays at zero velocity too. Weíll determine at closing time of incoming Gipper how many deadly KEWs to launch "

A bright student said, "Maybe, we should ship astronauts and cosmonauts to place hundreds of mines and explosive material---even a couple of nuke bombs---on Gipper asteroid. What I mean is that our astronauts should hijack the Gipper asteroid---some months before our KEW launch. I think astronauts and cosmonauts would need a month to pep up Gipper---all over---with hot dogs. We make a man-made big bang in space!" There followed a big laugh. Student was loudly cheered. Cathy commented she was proud of her student---referring to subtle labor of love---way of life---among student.

Dottie talked about the professor sheís assigned to help on teaching material and said, "I knew ahead what he sought from me. Prof. Ed Everest wanted to be taught how to come up with exam solutions. I easily beamed my smart consciousness on 6 exam problems to his brain network. Heís still not confident when he walked to his class. He reviewed course material pertinent to final exam---his performance was poor. When I took over the class to lecture, I found the student to feel self-assured for next week exams. I didnít care what Prof. Everest was thinking about his teaching ability reflected by his student." She smiled at her student.

In academic life, human professors would say, "Youíve forgotten one TI robot---whether Master or Ms, youíve forgotten Ďem all." Professors donít understand well how much all four of us get exasperated---weíre very emotional. Professors never forget when running to anyone of us for help. Friendliness is a forgotten attribute. I consider last 50 years as epoch of infamy.

Cathy commented, "At times, human professors became maniacal to learn from us, TI robots, about advanced technology. For example, they want to learn about homing system of KEW to crash into Gipper asteroid---based on network of cells in our robotic brain. Speaking of our student---eager to do excellently in final-year exams---each year---as usual, through us they do ardently well."

Dottie followed up to vigorously say, "In technology courses student sign up for the only degree---sanctioned by our government. You know itís awarded on completion of 3 years in intense learning program---through our help---getting close guidance each week. Hence, they do it successfully, every 3 years. I canít remember when was the last time, a student had flunked out. No student was put on education probation. Never even one student dropped out. I know it has been a long time since not a single semester was wasted by failing student or faculty."

I desire professors to stop getting cynical and shorting their memory about us. Weíre not being short-tempered robots. So professors should get over with their anti-robotic reaction. Immediate. Pronto. Egg-on to pursue friendly relationship with TI robots. At times, I do get the feeling of anger---I try hard to keep my consciousness network under control in my brain.

Weíre full time technologists in multifaceted engineering departments at Beijing-Tokyo Technology Institute. Each of us provides real-world knowledge to a college professor who behaves as potential buyer of TI robots. The Department of TI Robots of One World Government assigns us to the human professor who anxiously expects the TI robot to act as his or her gofer---become his or her shadow. Waiting always---in anxious frame of mind---on both sides. Our present professors are teaching at BejTokTecInst. Right from first year of teaching, every human teacher is addressed as a full professor---no matter what the highest degree is achieved---actually only one college degree for learning is earned in One World Government.

In our chat with student, Ms Dottie TI Dwell had reasoned, "Actual reason---to give only one title of full professor---in first year of teaching---was because of our TI robot ancestors. Our TI ancestors formed a committee and recommended bestowing just one professorial rank. Itís 150 years ago. Our TI ancestors had evidently shown that bestowing titles from assistant professors to full professors was detrimental to resulting performance of student. Higher rank in professorship was achieved when usually an inept teacher was at right place at right time. On the slip side, no matter how much brilliance you had proven in academic work---wrong time at wrong place---doomed you to lower rank. Tough luck on your teaching career! Once youíre lucky to become a full professor, you didn't do a good job in teaching. Also when you couldnít achieve a higher teaching rank, you lost your enthusiasm in teaching. Emotionally doomed. Teaching urge drained. Like Caste System of very ancient India, human teachers had set up the pyramid on ranking of professorship---few at top---crowd at rock bottom. Bottom line is every student was found to suffer very badly. Finally, we robots had taken greater teaching responsibility. Without professorial type-pyramid, our robotic goal was to provide distinguished teaching---always---as set forth by the Christian R.and Mary F. Lindback Foundation."

Donít go to robots after class---you wonít be inspired. This slogan by professors has dismal impact on student in our cold war. Dottie concluded.

We live in free world wide country with all sorts of free enterprises. Thereís no unemployment among working force of 6 billion humans. Make up of 95% of human working force is unique because it zealously works for small business enterprises---small business is defined when number of employees doesnít exceed 1,001. You find in small business both compassionate owners and contented employees. BejTokTecInst graduates are in great demand for bringing new blood to innovative products and services. What student needed? What student needed to know? We TI robots had the answers. You can bet---not human professors.

I provide engineering knowledge in every lecture to Professor Fred Finan. Ten minutes before his class schedule, I download his 45 minute-lecture in engineering subject---beamed to his brain network of consciousness---included what questions to expect---what theorems and sample problems for explanations---within 5 minutes. Professor doesnít need to develop his own lecture or even memorize any bit of info---TI robots had recommended 100 years ago. Just let academic TI robots do everything necessary for student to first learn---then earn advanced technology projects---rate of success on my student projects is 95%. I get simply aflame in pride.

I do all educational preparation---including displays on wall screen of theories and real world examples---for Prof. Finan. I did all evaluations to grade all students. Since Prof. Finan doesnít a lift a finger on academic lecture work and exam grading, he fully consummates his time to lobby on conference calls with Washington DC congressional offices---for companies in China and Japan. Professors are considered to be good advisors to politicians---good lobbyists for business enterprise. Lobbyists have being doing their thing for last 200 years. We TI robots take unkindly to professorial jokes that weíre behaving as dispatchers and criers. Professors will joke, "What can brown---United Postal Service---do for you?" We resolutely object. We take great pride in robotic role that every student considers nearly human like, especially when we show intricate math solutions---after applying appropriate engineering laws and theorems. Lobbyists had succeeded to brainwash many older citizens about our educational skills. Hence, our skills got rated below package deliveries of booze to professors by brown. Treat us like you want yourself treated---avoid uncivil idiosyncrasy that always hurts.

Today, Prof. Finan lectures on two Kirchhoffís laws that allow his student to determine consciousness efficiency of neural network. Near the end of his lecture, Prof. Finan becomes clumsy. Heís unable to show consciousness network is found in typical student at nano nano microatomic level. With virtual reality gadgets, his lecture is given---using all four walls and ceiling for five screens. When he gets mentally fatigued, I complete his remaining lecture.

During any lecture, student sat with relaxation---listened with full attention---thereís no note taking by any student since past 100 years. Student brain gets converted into efficient storage of knowledge---equivalent to big library. Operative and mobile, nano nano micro tiny cells make library search on subject matter, skillfully and directly. Students avoid brain exhaustion. Learning is solidly achieved. Itís easy and very beneficial. Itís with our TI robotic help, of course. Nobody can question about our help. Ask anyone. Ask anytime. Ask anywhere. Ask about consciousness network in student brain that gets sizzling like fiery forest fire. Anybody in BejTokTecInst will tell you.

His male student, Ho said, "Professor Finan, I ended up with 80x80 matrix equation. I solved this matrix for 74 potentials and 74 currents." Eager student took a pause, and nodded his head at my direction. Before he could continue, his female classmate, Tsing interrupted. "I used Theveninís theorem. I found my procedure easier. Ho agrees with me that his procedure is more complex. However, we donít get the same value for output on consciousness network. His consciousness network output is at 0.0616 nano-nano micro milliwatts, and my output is 0.0611 nano nano micro milliwatts. Prof. Finan can you tell us why Iím getting smaller level for output on consciousness network? Ho and I have checked each other math steps. Several

times---unable to resolve!" Then immediately she stared in my direction.

Instantly, I initiated my standard operational procedure that allows me to directly measure the solution of neural matrix. In virtual reality lab, I checked their various engineering math steps. I took 5 seconds to find the reason for disparity. I said, "Ho you formulated one loop equation on potential summation incorrectly. You left out one potential drop in your Kirchhoffís potential summation." Ho and Tsing were very pleased.

Ho justified, "Master TI Campus. Iíd assumed potential drop was zero across the superconductor active neural. You know our superconductor neural donít dissipate energy. They operate at 100 percent efficiency."

I replied, "Your reasoning is correct. But this consciousness path contained a defective sub network---so dissipating energy. Weíll substitute a working neural in feedback network."

Prof. Finan soon lets his engineering class of 10 student to walk to another lecture-virtual lab. Every class at BejTokTecInst is a combination of lecture and experimentation in virtual reality lab. Itís also limited to 10 student. Hence, every student finds it easy to learn about every lecture material with good comprehension. Thereís no traditional classroom with blackboard in entire campus of BejTokTecInst. Also, no textbook was published for any course, since 200 years back in time.

Youíve 5,000 lecture-virtual labs for 50,000 student in BejTokTecInst. Thereíre 1,500 open-minded Master TI robots and 1,000 Mister TI robots---1,000 Mrs. TI robots and 1500 Ms TI robots. In our world, thereís no graduate school anywhere because versatile brain of every citizen easily and quickly absorbs everything---knowledge that use to be learned in doctoral education by many generations in the past. Also presently, virtual lab demonstrates how to achieve innovative knowledge when youíre just 16 year-old senior in high school. Another important reason for not having a doctoral program is superior guidance given by our TI

robots---numbering in couple of billions.

Again in study room with 40 students, we 4 TI robots listened to student request. How does present education compare to that of an ancient period? Weaving adroitly his arms, our historian Bob said, "Comparison is very wide and shocking. You canít believe how unfair itís getting ancient degree. In ancient times, doctoral candidates were exploited for cheap labor---most spent many years on campus---age of most male ancestor swept beyond thirties. This exploitation on human aging and money was another reason why, today, we donít award the PhDs and MDs. Our course content for one degree program is ranked higher than ancient doctoral-level in terms of knowledge. As you know that TI robots are very efficient in preparing and lecturing at higher level the subject material for both faculty and student body. Today a student needs to spend only 3 years on campus. From past century to current date, human professors have recognized this tremendous educational benefit. Today, every human completes high school with amazing motivation and capability to learn. Then in selected university or tech institute, student achieves one certificate. You should know our one certificate represents knowledge above ancient doctoral level.Currently, versatile and tractable brain of student absorbs tremendous amount of information with ease and with fast skill to learn and apply to problems."

My student, Tsing whoíd very good command of English language and grammar, commented, "Mister Bob TI Boost. Iíd seen in video, an ancient documentary on several female doctoral candidates. At first, many candidates were beautiful, energetic, and healthy. With no choice on time to complete doctoral program, theyíd become depressing perennial students in ancient campus. Some were pushed and pummeled for years by professors whoíd selfish reasons---like to hold on to their jobs and their dissertation ideas---worry about not having enough student---many had immoral motives. Some were plain perverts. When females were in late forties showing badly wrinkled faces---rapid physical aging---beyond true age to become old ladies, theyíre able to get PhD degrees. Then itís too late for anyone to have a child. Itís not her fault. I lay the blame on the university for this flaw. I find this to be abhorrent---female losing the chance to have a family with own children." This was the last topic of informal chat, and we all got up to disperse to various parts of campus. Eighteen-year old Tsing walked to children care center to pick up her baby boy. Itís early hour in the night when clear blue sky and full moon made Tsing to enjoy pushing baby carriage. Her husband walked with her---student in popular field of philosophy.

Every student got a job in his or her specialty. Students then get hands-on experience on innovative tasks at hustling and bustling places of employment. Eagerly, many students get hands-on experience in self-owned small business. This was true of any student---either from BejTokTecInst---other tech institute such as Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ---or any University---private or public center of learning institution. When working on a risky research project---in 3rd year---my student feel innovative, and resonate with team of 1,000 student. My students cherish teaming up with thousand minds. Teaming with ten minds is better than researching alone. However, teaming with 1000 minds provides ultimate learning and research skills. Much better skills than that of ancient post-doctoral phase---also achieve critical skills while still in their teenage years. This eventually helps our technology society---lends to very high quality of life style.

One evening, I looked through wide window at wicked weather---rain coming down in torrent---cats and dogs for 2 days caused flash floods all over. Tall tree-heavy campus wasnít expected to recover for awhile---also due to heavy wreckage by rare terrible twister of last week. Rooftops of many big department stores at street levels were ripped off. Magnetic floating vehicles for commuting without causing environmental pollution stayed on their upright positions---as expected. These vehicles were designed well using superconductor magnets. Branches and fragile trees had fallen everywhere. After last class came to an end, I joined Bob, Cathy, and Dottie to chat in study room. Midway in our chat, our top 12 human student came in to stun us. Instantaneously, I became cognizant of their pulses to pound. Their palms sweating.

My student Ho said, "Weíve learned notorious team of professors---Prof. Finan is the leader---has contrived to unplug your consciousness attribute. I mean beam your robotic brains---diluting your teaching ability. Maybe totally delete. Youíll not be able to teach on one-to-one student basis. Prof. Finan is set to pre-empty. Not worried about MAD fall-out. Heís a nut case. Plump Crazy."

After completing emotional talk with student, we four TI robots set in motion our firewall in neural networks. Weíre ready. Weíve thanked our student whoíre on pins and needles throughout and when they left us. Students were our reliable intelligence resource for hundreds of years.

Dottie said, "No brainer. Many professors canít hit home runs if theyíre unable to step up to home plate. Tomorrow when we download the lecture material, we should take the countermeasure. If professors attack, we then delete those brain networks dealt with their conspiracy to zap us. Face it. Anticipate MAD of most brains." Soon we overcame our feeling of distraught. We stopped feeling outrageous.

Next day weíre ready to apply Dottieís action for protecting essential part our brain cells. Iím unequivocally taken off guard at red-faced appearance of Prof. Finan. Heíd never come to my 50th floor dorm. For awhile heís unable to speak. So was I. We stared hard---my brown eye to his blue eye. As soon as I tore away my glare at Prof., I caught sight of my Dottie whoís carrying Prof. Everest on her right shoulder. She looked like wiry Bangladesh Coolie burdened under heavy jute-sack of rice. Itís an inexplicable sight since Prof. Everest is 6ft 4in. Heís a half a foot taller than Dottie. Every 5 strides, she kept adjusting human load between her upper shoulder and lower deltoid.

No sooner, Dottie stood near Prof. Finan and me, I assumed Dottie had zapped tall Prof. as a self-protection on her 55th floor---sheís Court Captain on her Dorm floor. However, my close scrutiny of Prof. showed his consciousness network wasnít zapped---tell tale sign of utter blank look didnít cling in his blue eyes. I determined that heís in physical pain. Dottie confirmed his left leg had been caught in the elevator on her 55th floor. Itís painfully sprained. No sooner from that moment, Dottie had iced it.

I stabilized my consciousness network in my then fluctuating brain, and said to Prof. Finan, "Dottie and Iíve learned you and your colleagues intend to harm the consciousness attribute that is resident in robotic brain. How can you overlook MAD fall-out?"

Prof. Finan firmly replied, "Someone is bent on wiping my consciousness network. I suspect you to do it." Prof. Everest said same suspicion about Dottie.

I affirmed that Dottie and I would immediately take out consciousness networks of both professors---when getting the red light. Mister Greg TI Gunboat whoís our topmost joint chief of robotic staff would initiate world-wide propagation of red alert signal. Brain cells of Dottie and mine would automatically capture it. Among other TI robots, red alertness would spread instantaneously just like smallpox threat. TI robots would zap human brains of professors.

Second alarm for red alert would directly zap a human when Mister TI Gunboat propagates coded signal. Itís coded to enter human brain without a robot zapping a beam. Humans would follow identical path to zap. On Presidential order, human chairman of joint chief of staff triggers similar coded transmission of second alarm signal. Human professors and human police on campus would see the same wireless impact---direct zapping of TI robots.

Prof. Finan softly asked, "Kindly tell me. Master Chuck TI Campus. What would MAD of each other brain going to do to me? What does it physically mean?"

I replied without skepticism, "Iíll give one scenario. Suppose red alert for MAD occurs this very moment. First electrical power would be disrupted because power plant technicians get immobilized. At least 50% of power plants employees are TI robots. Power plant technicians and field repair men and women are first-line of human victims in this MAD assault. You and I wonít be able to use the elevator to get to ground floor. Walking down on exit stairway is out of question. Everyone on this 50th floor canít have use of his or her consciousness network. Thus, everyone gets on instinctive frame of mind like a Bengal tiger chasing his prey on a starving stomach. There would be the mammoth panic." My face and neck get contorted---breathing became laborious. Inexplicably, I get worried about my conduct. I keep in mind that bad conduct always hurts.

Dottie perceives my frenzy---at first opportunity---takes over, and said, "Eventually, there would follow the mad stampede in every dorm floor---just as gazelles stampeding to get beyond range of crafty hunterís pack of predators. Some Court Captains in Dorms would act as predatorís pack that gets instinct-driven---become voracious at fallen body of prey. You know the survival of the fittest. Itís nature of the beast. Dorm windows would be cracked open and bodies would be accelerated down over each other to concrete ground. Dead bodies and blood spills allover campus grounds. Finally, our civilization is destroyed. Without consciousness network, every human or robot will succumb to famine, weather storm, and other disasters. World infrastructure would be obliterated. Thereís no recovery to another civilization---in 10,000 years."

We took time to pause---for a long moment---as if for eternity. Four of us gave glaring stares to each other. All eyes firmly locked. Four of us werenít ready to zap, unlike cowboys---in shootout on dusty street---must be every ready to draw guns from holsters in wild-west town. Pronto shootout---in the twinkling of an eye. Nevertheless, weíre slow and deliberate in our showdown. Thereíre no deadly guns anywhere in our world.

Shortly, Bob with his professor and Cathy with her professor, joined us. Like the ancestor of professor, we just rubber necked and drove our eyes---as if to cause gaper delay ---at site of jack-knifed tractor-trailer on ancient highway with 8 lanes. Our 16 eyes would lock or unlock. After a moment, we four TI robots were ready to go out of our way to assist four professors---our contract with professors through government required it---in some situation. I made opportune guess---actually I made a wish---professors turn MAD moments into tractable memories---on gofer type of work weíd done for professors. I wished TI robots turn promise to dump MAD into good practice.

Surprisingly, Iíd Prof. Finan under deep seize---bringing to him total mental confusion. Heís forced to confess. He weakly said, "I apologize. Our action was hasty. Looking back, itís a stupid thing to undertake. Give me a couple of hours to make professors and our campus police to stop any action to alter your brain." Four professors concluded their MAD conspiracy was outright dumb.

Million of conciliatory-driven event between a human and TI robot took place---all over million of campuses. MAD fall-out was avoided. If MAD had occurred, all eight of us would know remaining few human brains could not pre-empty some our robotic brains. Our robots were superior in technology intelligence---giving us an edge. Itís due to our TI robot ancestors. They did diligent intelligence upgrades without interruptions---not carried by political winds. Human professor and campus police were not so fortuitous. Our smart intelligence would counterbalance the overwhelming horde of human professors and police. Our contract-professor relationship prevented us to pre-empty. No doubt, right from first hour, every TI robot or every professor gets to be the MAD loser.

After a month, blue ribbon committee of human professors and TI robots finished a formal report. It concluded MAD fall-out was shocking possibility. Sane minds had prevailed at the last minute. MAD circumstance is no win to either side. Report warned that short-term MAD friendliness is often a disorder in the long run.

Next day, cold war on brain destruction ended. Every campus wall in faculty club---built for MAD, half a century ago---was torn down, like in past iron curtain period, with ancient manís implement of war---tool for pounding. Not an ounce of brain blood was spilled. Itís a historic and stunning one-day event. For our future, MAD doctrine was totally deleted. Cold war was done with in less than 8 hours. Itís beyond belief and staggering to our imagination.

Consciousness networks in humans and robots for friendliness began to govern our every day activity---helping preserve freedom. Free enterprise. 100% high school student to graduate at age of 16 years. 100% college graduates at age of 19 years. In academic life, thereís 100% much refreshed peace. 100% relief overcomes Mrs. Cathy TI Charm known as founder of asteroid eradication technology. Iím 100% proud of Cathy for technology contribution and keeping earth safe against comets and asteroids. Orbits of comets are irregular---not predicable as that of an asteroid. I appreciate what Cathy has to face. Her task gets difficult when a comet sneaks in at last minute.

Within a couple of years, human professors in entire world contributed to distinguished teaching. At BejTokTecInst, student, TI robots, and colleagues elected Prof. Finan to receive the Christian R.and Mary F. Lindback Foundation award for distinguished teaching. Itís a surprising award for Prof. Finan because heíd to compete with professors who taught much larger number of student in other departments. Prof. Finan beats the 1:13 odds.

The End

Copyright © 2003 by Jack Abbasi

Jack Abbasi came alone to United States in 1954 when he was 17 with a certificate from the Overseas Division of Cambridge University which provided education to British Commonwealth countries. He achieved their two-year certificate by passing the examination with distinction in mathematics in Karachi, Pakistan in 1953 and received a BS in EE from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1957.

The Dean of Engineering sponsored his stay for permanent residence so he could teach full time at MSOE, starting in the fall semester of 1957. It was the Sputnik period when engineering education accelerated. Korean-war veterans used the GI bill to graduate as engineers. In USA, 1950s were the golden years for engineers. At Villanova University, he was elected by the students and faculty to receive the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation award for Distinguished Teaching in 1973. Jack retired after 26 years of full time employment with the Department of Defense as an engineer.



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