Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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by Kim F. Holec

Dorian was right
you know
as well as I do.
What were the words?
"... bound together by
time and pain ..."

shared experience past explication
or understanding by
mere planet-bound mortals
smothered under Federation drugs.


the thrill of the Liberator
the sadness of the Scorpio
the mystery of Zen
the wisdom of Orac
the wonder of space
the beauty of the stars

Time with which
to buy our freedom

and pain:

of loneliness
the fear of being alone
but also
the fear of belonging
opening one's heart to
a stranger/a friend

with the realization of
"I'm giving my self into your protection
I must trust you not to hurt me."
( what a cynical answer you gave her, Avon,
or were you just afraid to admit that Cally

could be right
and that you - dare I presume the thought - that you
could be wrong? )

Time and pain
bound together by
the words ...
Dorian was right

© 1989 Kim F. Holec

Author's Note: Remembrance is a fourth-season Blake's 7 poem. It was first published in Renee Groce's Perihelion #2, a mostly British sf tv media zine. Being still a rather big fan of Brit sf tv, Kim is more than happy to talk about Doctor Who, Blake's 7, and other shows of such ilk, at the drop of a multi-coloured scarf.

Kim F. Holec is too many things to count. She was born under the sign of the Twins, so you figure it out. Even while she is at work, she is a part-time writer, editor and poet. She is owned by four cats, and some say she is herself a cat in disguise. She thinks of herself as a renaissance woman, because she is interested in many things, thus the changeable nature and topics of her writings.

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