Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Death of Sirti

by Michael Carl Musser

Author's Note:This poem is a continuation of the story begun in The Last Avatar of Light, which appeared in Aphelion #20

The Host gathered and Sirti answered, "War!"
"Let us fight and show them Death's door!"
And so her armies grew, billions strong,
She thought she could win; she was wrong.

Of her billions, not a single one remains
To each, one and all, the Host's darkness came;
But Sirti alone lived, exiled to atone
Where her beauty flares for herself alone.

I wonder at her beauty, that caused billions' deaths,
Sacrificial lambs, meat for the Host's breath;
For we all know, beauty cannot best darkness alone;
In her hand, a light must be shown.

© 1998 Michael Carl Musser

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