Aphelion Issue 283, Volume 27
May 2023
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The Vast of the Night

by David Baresch

When midnight chimes, look skyward-ly,
For a celestial trance is there to be seen,
It's a winter's snow, a starlit glow,
And it's shaped by the art of one unknown.

And that cosmic stream, that shimmering light
It ignites with glory the raven's night,
It hails from the vast with birth-right signs
And it giveth the child their Earthly rhyme.

And far beyond in that distant realm,
'Is anyone there? Doth anyone dwell?'
For as stars fall our questions call,
'How did we get here, who knows at all?'


When midnight chimes look up and see
That Galactic Keep of night-time's sleep,
And follow the dreams that Einstein dared,
That of e equalling mc Squared!

© 2023 David Baresch

David Baresch has published with…

  • Aphelion Webzine
  • XR-Hub
  • The Telegraph media
  • New Humanist
  • Austin McCauley
David Baresch also…
  • Produces and publishes music videos
  • Creates and publishes original quotations

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