Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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five brief poems

by ayaz daryl nielsen

floating between two
mummies in the museum
their shared memories

* * *

through my window pane
evil and vile, face-to-face
I'll just close the shade

* * *

street lights turning on
beneath each and all of them
shadow's gossiping

* * *

farted in the den
the day before yesterday…
she can still smell it

* * *

screaming from behind
locked doors two, three, four and five…
all the screams are mine!

© 2022 ayaz daryl nielsen

ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran and former hospice nurse, lives in Longmont, Colorado, with his beloved wife, poet and analyst Judith Nielsen. Editor of bear creek haiku (40+ years/185+ issues) with poetry published worldwide (and deeply appreciated), he is online at: bear creek haiku poetry, poems and info

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