Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Supertrump, or 'Desire'

by Sebastian Popescu

Distant Planet of Aphelion,
Planet I must design!
In the dungeon of the Planet Earth,
Far away, from the Sun’s Galaxy.

Is there where all has started? On Earth?
Beneath the space and time,
Black hole engulfed in terror!
Distance from the Sun, unknown!?

Goblet of Christ, not yet found!
Supertrump, of man’s greed for more,
There is not yet, to be found!
In the dungeon of Planet Earth!

'Desire' = Supertrump - the arrow of Zeus of Athens

In search of God, and the desire to invent or make up a new planet in the Universe

Resolution - The limit of man is hidden beneath the Terra Nova = New Earth

2017 Sebastian Popescu

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