Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Google Maps, You Are Here

by Richard Tornello

Here we are now living in caves
Here we are at the Thermopylae pass
Here we are now Socrates death
Here we are now the birth of Rome
Here we are now with Nero
Here we are now with Mohammed
Here we are now with Charlemagne and the concept of Europe
Here we are now a beacon on the hill as we burn the witches
Here we are now WW I
Here we are now WW II
Here we are now cold war, hot war-etts, politics always
Here we are now Nixon, Vietnam, Woodstock

Here we are now.

Here we are now the and discovery of gravity waves
A universe possibly born of a black hole and all that it may mean
What will tomorrow bring? How deep will the dust cover
The yet to be discovered, the history yet to be created?

And here we are now living in caves.

2017 Richard Tornello

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