Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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by Charlotte Ozment

He moved, like the waves
in a silent void, his visage
blurring our senses,
his journey dragging
the stars before our sight.

The phases of his passage,
each alone in their vibration,
created transit slices
to be connected
when our eyes could relate
to what our brains had amassed.

Each step and aspect separate,
each a hue from megacosms
traversed, the singular elements
leaching into our skins from
afar and wide causing
a reaction unknown
to those of us earth-locked.

But he could not tarry here, no.
His itinerary had already been dialed
and locked when thought
was put to use. At our mutual juncture
all he and we could accomplish
was an awed nod and a wish
for safe travels before
his facets turned aside.

2017 Charlotte Ozment

Charlotte Ozment lives on several acres in Texas. She finds words hidden in the world around her and can sometimes put them to paper before they fade. Her poems have appeared in many unique publications found throughout the world. You can see more of her work, as well as links to the fine publications that gave this new writer a chance at Reality’s Bellow.

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