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July 2024 --
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The Deadly Tree

by Laila Hashem

I Arrive At the Tree, Oh what a horrible mistake I made
My path gets dark, I hope this isn't my fate

I look Around; no one is there
All I see is pain, grief, and despair
Deafening screams erupt out of nowhere

Running with no destination in mind,
I forgot what I came here to find

Out of breath, energy, and life
Body filling with bitterness and strife

Clock is ticking, days and weeks passing by
opportunities and chances fading, as feelings and emotions start to die.

Time and place no longer relevant, I pass by the same tree
No longer seeing what everyone else claims to see

Hopelessness takes over; there is no escape
personality disappears, as an empty figure takes my shape

A dim light appears, A hand reaches out
shock takes over, I hold the hand with no doubt
It pulls me to the colors, It points me to the right route
Happiness reappears, don't even remember what I was sad about

Walking along my path, I stop once again,
I haven't seen it in ages, but I know that tree from deep within
No ! I was taken back to the darkness I once had been in
A viscous cycle, no one can escape; no one can win…

2017 Laila Hashem

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