Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Borders And Boarders

by Richard Tornello

Borders, fences, lines-in-the-sand.
Edges limiting, delineating,
Claiming and declaring
And at the border the stop made by a hand.
And yet with all that delineation
Limiting this and expanding that,
The acts of fools and idiots
Madmen holding worldwide plots,
And though fences may make for good neighbours
Words, ideas, tell tale conclusions from texts
And are all but blind to your temporary rules and regulations
Fences, walls, lines-in-the-sand and other such man made delineating claims.
Yell, scream, whine or shout a rant, it makes little difference,
And this rock still spins, with or without all on board.

2017 Richard Tornello

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