Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Jesus Was Abducted

by Ramona Thompson

It's time
The truth was known:
He was only a man,
One we chose
To spread a message,
To bring our kind and yours together.
Until His ego took over,
Got in our way, and His.
It was then we had to step in:
Fake a death,
Do a little reprogramming,
Work all the kinks out,
Until one day
We can bring Him back.

We will fulfil the promises made,
And save not one, but two races.
We're not really sure.
It's still all up in the air.
You humans are not
As easy to control or understand
As we had first hoped.
He still believes,
Even now,
The story we brainwashed Him with.

He is no son of man,
No son of human flesh.
Just another failed experiment.
Our mistake
We are desperately trying to correct,
Before the end of times for us all arrives.
Teachings true were handed down
To prepare you all
For the Coming,
Our coming:
A new age dawning.

We pray even now
As we send this message
You can forgive our transgressions,
For we sought only to
Blend and heal a rift
Between alien and man.
Yet it seems
We only cut it wider.
Is it too late to change it all?
We are sending Him back soon,
New and improved,
In hopes,
Desperate hopes,
It is not.

© 2016 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more than 20 years. Her credits include poetry with horrifiedpress.com, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Infernal Ink, Howl, This Ain't No Rodeo and many more.

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