Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Snow Slide

by Liu Chengyu

On the top of Sky Mountain, avalanche rises
Something familiar, something cold but spicy, like

Countless golf balls, jumping, bouncing. Even deadly as the angel
Azrael, cannot resist gravity, advent, F=mg.

Spaceship crashes, E=mc2, summits disappear, swiftly like a thief.
Can you help me? Rescuers hear a muffled voice,

Dig into the white, a sardine can, an alien inside from the end of the milky way.
The alien wakes up, he can speak English, and tells them

Under the mountain, the rock pudding, sulfur mine, his favorite food.
But the alien tries other foods; he finds chili superbly tasty.

© 2016 Liu Chengyu

Liu Chengyu moved from China to San Diego six years ago, and loves poetry and doing research on biomolecules.

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