Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Party Years: 1967 to AIDS

Or: My Reminiscences and Willing Pharmaceuticals

by Richard Tornello

Give me those old tyme STDs,
Yeah give me those old diseases
Where Penicillin the cure
a shot in the tusch
The needles push
some pain
But to us, lucky ones remained sane
And no nasty germs gain in the brain

Give me that old tyme STD
The pill freed us up
Round them up and head it out
Reverse cowboy's rowdy ride
That old slip and slide
Bareback no saddle's ride
You by my side; your sweet oh so sweet hide
And back in the bush.
Just a shot in the tusch

No worry, girlie just pop that pill
Give me those old tyme STDs
Screw and cry but not screwed and die.
Those old tyme STDs

© 2014 Richard Tornello

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