Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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by Charlene Ashley Taylor

it is the perpetrator in your mindís child
alone in a house of latch key promises
the sharp intake of oxygen pairs with blades
of giants scissors aimed to take your helpless hair
savagely cut and youíre naked among pain

anxietyís greatest imprint is vulnerability
crime scene Polaroids of helplessness
normal brain feed is saturated with reruns
starring heart scraping morbid
Transmissions: Itís Mr. Daddycock.
Where is God in your teddy bear room?

anxiety looms like a fog
the kind that grabs at your clothing
exposing your body in the mirror of loathing
the trembling larva of a gluttonous fly

anxiety picks at the lock
on broken latch key promises
and lays down the welcoming mat
in your liminal space

© 2015 Charlene Ashley Taylor

Charlene Ashley Taylor has a BA in English from the University of Louisville. She recently released her first self-published book of poetry and fiction titled escapism.

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