Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Cutting Bait

by Robin B. Lipinski

Eyes fixed in what can only be called, fixated; staring straight ahead
Processing data of what is viewed so as to proceed in course, or flee.

Feeling the sting of the biting emotions; sweet taste of action while bleeding experience
Chum line for others to follow
Topping out above them all with the freedom and danger to jump
Living life as a bottom feeder.

Caught up in the daily grind
Caught by what we find
and much like salmon, human's spend their life spawning
while waiting to die.

The end is near for those flipped out of the water by a strong line…

© 2015 Robin B. Lipinski

Robin B. Lipinski claims to be addicted to writing. It helps that his good dreams are other people's nightmares. There is not much to know about him other than he shares this planet with you and others.

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