Aphelion Issue 255, Volume 24
October 2020
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Alien Trash

by Robin B. Lipinski

Curved forms of spatial, cognitive meanderings.
No fuel formed/used or from such, a ship of travel.
Larger in space than light matter.
Darker though than nerion-’icks.

Time of numbers did show, though there was none to know
but this does not matter.
Hu-man, Spartock, Linsoar, Tyn-’icks...
words you understand much like fecal matter.

Consumption: Taken in and given out
Change in the process sounding so, almost so,

Chemical, spiritual, ‘al’. (ignorance of the mass index much like the love of Pi.)
Curved forms of spatial, cognitive meanderings - to these beings it definitely
did n-o-t matter.

Left behind like bones of reptilian creations evolved from, for, and to that which,
“Page 507 of the, Legal Code of Understanding, 27th edition and copyrighted by (deleted)”
Dinosaurs, ‘people’, nuclear waste, plastic...

How can crappola relate to heavenly science far above and beyond broken string-theory?
When sewage stinks and still remains, a sign proof positive,
they were here.


© 2014 Robin B. Lipinski

Robin B. Lipinski claims to be addicted to writing. It helps that his good dreams are other people's nightmares. There is not much to know about him other than he shares this planet with you and others.

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