Aphelion Issue 277, Volume 26
October 2022
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If One, Why Not Another?

by Richard Tornello

When the lights are down, when the lights are out,
when you're in that place where you scream and shout,
where no one hears you; no one cares,
it's in your mind, it's in your mind.

Face-to-face, eye-to-eye, flesh-to-flesh
the beauty lies
beneath, beside, on top, below; it's all a disguise.
The deeper part of yours and hers:
the thoughts, the cares, the moans, the sighs
the midnight chuckle, the silent cry,
it's in your mind, it's in your mind.

In the beginning some spark between you both, it jumps,
and in its grasp controlling hold
magnetic appeal, it's in your mind, it's in your mind.

And if it's true all above
we can touch and we can love,
give some time to consider, pause:
Mind to mind what does that mean, what's it's cause?
In the fullest concept, the worlds between you
and me, and me and you
if only for a universe's second or two.
It's in your mind.

What am I here to say?
That love is, at basic, an electrical play,
a dance of electrons spinning round,
electron flow, how hot it glows.
Is that reality's bottom line?
And if so, consider that
it matters little: flesh or bot,
it's in your mind.

© 2014 Richard Tornello

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